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Did You Know that these foods should not be refrigerator

Updated on December 15, 2016


Sure logic says bread will keep longer in the fridge.

The opposite is true.

The cold temps will dry out the fluffy insides causing the bread to go stale quicker,


Like bread, garlic will dry out. Iy also transfers it's oder to other foods and absorbs flavors from food around it.


Potatoes change in the cold.

The starches turn to sugars which affects the taste of the potato


As long as they are not cut, keep them on the counter.

In the fridge they lose their age-defying antioxidants

. Once cut you can put them in the fridge


Basil will wilt quickly in the refrigerator. It also likes to absorb the smells of it's neighbors. Best to keep it pn the counter in a glass of water. Just like flowers/

Hot Sauces

Cold temperatures will change your hot sauce.

The flavor, texture and viscosity will change overtime.

Your hot sauce will never taste the same.

The Refrigerator Itself

The purpose of a refrigerator is to slow down the growth of bacteria. The purpose of a freezer is to stop bacteria completely by freezing them. We know some things just don't freeze well. Therefore, they must be stored in the fridge.

The question is. at what temperature should your fridge be running? The preferred temperature is somewhere between 35 and 38 degrees F (1.7 to 3.3 degrees C). Higher your foods won't keep as long. Lower and the will begin to freeze.

I would avoid putting items on the door of your fridge that are particularly sensitive to spoilage. These items can easily get as high as 59 F (15 C), and do so often. Things like eggs and milk will spoil quicker. Place your meats on the bottom shelf in the back, your condiments (mayo, ketchup, mustard, etc.) on the door, and put everything else whereyou can fit it.


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