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Diet & Nutrition with Asian Noodles

Updated on February 6, 2009

Healthy & Nutritional oodles of noodles

When we think of fast food we often associate it with McDonald's,Taco Bell and many many other fast food joints. Well folks if you've ever been to any of the Asian countries like China,Vietnam or Japan, then fast food takes on a whole new meaning. What I'm talking about is "fast food noodles' because they are quick,very satisfying,wholesome and nutritional to eat. The abundant varieties of starches,unlike Italian pasta which is made only of wheat flour, add so much diversity in the textures, flavors and taste in the noodles just by themselves.

If you have had the opportunity to travel in Asia or maybe seen on televsion the ramshackle noodle stands along long dusty roads in China or on the other extreme, Noodles Bars bustling with activity in the very heart of Tokyo, patrons with cell phones tucked into their shoulders or in Thailand noodle vendors in tiny boats paddling through the floating markets of Bangkok. With this scenario it is evident that noodles are a staple of the Asian culture

I have tried many of the varieties of asian noodle dishes and the great thing about the variety of taste,texture and flavors of the noodles they can be used in an almost infinite amount of noodles dishes which includes soups, salads and desserts.

If you have been limited in the type of noodle dishes you eat perhaps from a particular culture,then I suggest you get out and explore the many asian cultures with restaurants abound or go buy a asian noodles cookbook that's multicultural and you'll be in the drivers seat with tasty, nutritional meals right at home.


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