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Dieting rules and regulations

Updated on March 15, 2014

Follow some easy tips to shed few kilos.

Hunger is a major barrier if one is trying to shed few kilos .Instead of consuming less food while dieting ,try and have low density food that will fill your stomach and will add less calories instead .Low density food are typically high in fibre and water content .

Follow these tips to reduce :-

Eat good amount of leafy green vegetables ,tomatoes lettuce green beans, melons onions ,incase you dislike the taste of onions add them to the strew s,soups pasta sauces ,etc

Never forget to add regular servings of fruits and vegetables in your weight loss diet

Have 3 glass of lime juice at intervals with juice of one lime each time .It helps to shed fats very fast .

Onions are high volume, high satisfaction ,low calorie hero of food ,don't forget to add them to your diet

Avoid dry food like biscuits, crackers ,and junk ,like chips ,dry food lack water and has an ability to carry a lot of calories into its small portion .

Include regular servings of complex carbohydrates, like wheat bread, whole grains, rice and oat meal in your weight loss diet programme. These foods will help you avoiding eating fattening foods,as they will keep you full for most of the time

Aim 1/2 of your water content from the water itself rather than any other fluid.

Learn to say yes to starters .it is sensible to say yes to starters because it helps to loose carving for food and will decrease the energy density of your main meal Pick vegetable salad or vegetable soup with low fat dressing in either of them .

Eat plenty of protein products ,There are ample no of foods to pick from this group of food .,lean red meat, poultry fish, egg, dairy;beans,soy products like tofu or beans or milk ,proteins give you feeling of fullness for a longer time and limiting the amount of other food you eat .Never deprive yourself of food because your metabolism may go to a famine mode and may give trouble latter

There is another food which gives fullness ,and that is the cereals that is included in our diet .check half the breads and cereals you eat carry wholegrain.

Beyond all these food supplements to reduce your kilos ,always remember a golden rule that is "eat your breakfast like a king ,lunch like a queen and dinner like a poor man ,

At night we sleep and avoid work so the fats accumulates and get deposits at various places of our body .Thus we must eat 3 hours before we go to bed and also eat less because our body is in resting position and it needs less energy ,so burning of fat is pretty low at this time

Try and do things on your own rather than depending on others ,every silly act, if done by oneself, it helps to shed some weight .Example are :attending phone ,opening the door,gardening dusting walking up and down the stairs ,avoid lift as much as possible

Keep yourself engaged in work so that small meals are not taken beyond your real meals ,as they add to the calories

consume at least 3 liters of water every day they help to resolve the problem of cellulite.cellulite is nothing but fat cells being trapped by fibers of the body that have formed a network. These fibers are constantly cleansed if good amount of water is drunk .

Have a glass of warm water after and before meals for two months this helps to cut fat from the body. Burn those calories by exercising on a regular basis especially if walking is carried out it helps to burn fat into energy for work ,plus you gain good health when you get fresh air into your body and there is a revival of you for your daily work .

If you can catch hold of Aswagandha plant then have 2 leaves of it every morning with a glass of water it reduce the kilos in fastening speed.

Its not difficult to shed some flab if you have keen intentions to do so !


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    • lotuslove19 profile image

      Sarika Mehra 7 years ago

      JerseyGirl,you are most welcomed for enjoying it.

    • JerseyGirl profile image

      JerseyGirl 7 years ago from Jersey Shore

      I really enjoyed this hub. Thanks for publishing.

    • lotuslove19 profile image

      Sarika Mehra 7 years ago

      sorry gajendran ,I am not here to build personal relationships .I write to help people and for my personal satisfaction ,so no personal talks please,I prefer my privacy,so don't ask or say anything personal to me ,as to where do I reside or what so ever.

    • gajendran1975 profile image

      gajendran1975 7 years ago

      Thank very much and I will follow and let me know your place of residing