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Different Cooking Techniques

Updated on July 7, 2011

Cooking up a storm is a great stress buster and there are so many different cooking techniques to choose from.

You can cook indoors or outdoors. With spices or without. Use lots of water or none at all. Use oil or substitute with butter.

This is a compilation of some cooking techniques that get used on a regular basis. At least in my home they do!

Although of late I am beginning to wonder if my obsession with cooking up a storm has any connection to my fluctuating waistline!

Common Cooking Techniques


The food is cooked at really high temperatures in a closed oven. The recipe usually involves mixing of the ingredients in a certain order before they are poured into a baking dish and placed in the oven.

The food is usually baked with a crunchy exterior crust and a softer interior texture. The most common examples of food that is baked would be cakes, cookies, pies and quiches.

Boiling or steaming

The healthier cooking option to frying is boiling or steaming. The cooking technique involves adding water to the food that you wish to cook and then boiling the water till the food is cooked.

You can call the technique steaming when the food quantity is more than the water quantity added. This technique is used to make soups, vegetables, and stews.


The food is cooked using hot oil in this cooking technique. When the food is dipped into boiling oil and cooked it is called "Deep Frying". If the oil is less and the food quantity more it is known as "Shallow Frying."

If you use butter instead of oil and not too much of it, you can be said to sauté the food that you are cooking. This is naturally healthier than deep frying.

Despite the calories we love deep fried food. The perfect example of deep frying would be fried chicken, or finger fries. For shallow frying you can consider the stir fry vegetables or hash browns.


A barbecue grill is one of the healthier options to cook. The extra fat and oil gets taken out of the food before one eats it. The food is freshly cooked and there is no chance of any salmonella bacteria surviving that cooking technique.

While barbecues are traditionally associated with meat and steaks there are a number of vegetables that also taste good when barbecued with the right sauce. Traditionally one barbecues fish, chicken, meat, onions, potatoes and yam. 

A good salad makes an excellent accompaniment to the barbecued meal.

Happy Cooking!


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    • cashmere profile image

      cashmere 6 years ago from India

      I know, that's one we all seem to love

    • kikalina profile image

      kikalina 6 years ago from Europe

      Hehe...fried food here i come

    • cashmere profile image

      cashmere 7 years ago from India

      Reena, try the healthier vegetarian alternatives in my next hub!

    • profile image

      Reena Daruwalla 7 years ago

      Got me salivating now Cash.... am longing to get me some horribly unhealthy KFC now.

    • sabu singh profile image

      sabu singh 7 years ago

      Aall ij well as they say Cashmere. Good to be in contact again. Happy Hubbing.

    • cashmere profile image

      cashmere 7 years ago from India

      Great to hear from you Sabu! How have you been? Yes i can understand your situation, my husband is in the same boat as you!

    • sabu singh profile image

      sabu singh 7 years ago

      Thank you for adding substantially to my very limited knowledge of cooking, Cashmere (this is what happens when you have a wife who is a good cook).

      My culinary skills (which were limited to boiling eggs till now) will get a boost.