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Different Variations Of The Peanut Butter Sandwich

Updated on April 21, 2015
Let's get creative with a typical lunch favorite.
Let's get creative with a typical lunch favorite. | Source

Not Just With Jelly Anymore

A typical lunch taken to school or work is the traditional sandwich, snack and piece of fruit along with a thermos, can or drink box beverage, right? The most popular and easiest sandwich to bring is the peanut butter and jelly sandwich. This sandwich is made up of about one tablespoon worth of peanut butter, creamy or chunky, a teaspoon worth of jelly, usually concord grape flavor between two thick springy slices of white or wheat bread. The most fun that a young person or the person young at heart is to find a method of eating this delicious concoction with its lunch box companions, so to wash it down with a nice cold beverage, avoiding that yummy sensation of the creamy filling stick to the palate and teeth.

What can we eat inside a peanut butter sandwich to make it much more interesting? I thought I would provide some new suggestions of the traditional sandwich. The variations may sound strange to some hungry diners, but it takes imagination and an open mind to try any kind of new taste.

Because peanut butter is sticky, putting solid objects inside the bread makes it easier to eat. It is good to know that peanut butter is a very high source of protein and as the manufacturers of this product become more health conscious, some of the fat will be removed and even some of the sodium. If you buy peanut butter from the health food store, you will see that the oil will separate from the creamy base. That is why it is good to stir the organic version of peanut butter, and to never refrigerate peanut butter, whether it be traditional grocery or organic version. The expiration date of some peanut butters is about eight or nine months from the date of purchase. Room temperature is best way to store any kind of peanut butter.

When Mom made me a typical peanut butter sandwich, it was usually with grape jelly. As I got older, I tried other fruit spreads, and found out I really liked peach preserves and apple butter in my sandwich the best.

Now as the economy is getting worse, cost of food going up and the threat of potential global disaster, I find that peanut butter is still on my pantry shelf. It is not my first choice since I prefer to reach for the healthier lower fat snack, but is good to have around in case there is nothing else to eat (like during the blizzard of 2010 when I was stuck in the house for days.)

List Of New Kinds of Peanut Butter Sandwiches

Let's try some new variations. Here is what can go with the peanut butter, between two slices of bread:

  1. Cream cheese- I would stick to the plain or the fruit flavors. I don't think cream cheese that tastes like salmon or chives is palatable.
  2. Yellow American cheese- It is like a non crunchy version of those cheese and peanut butter crackers.
  3. Blueberries- a handful of these in the sandwich gives you a wonderful antioxidant effect.
  4. Sliced strawberries- If you want to sweeten the berries up, drizzle a little bit of honey or karo syrup on the berries. Of course this will increase the sugar content of the sandwich.
  5. Sliced tomatoes- I tried this recently with a drizzle of honey over the tomato, and I really enjoyed it.
  6. Bread and Butter Pickles- This was a favorite of my mother's.
  7. Applesauce- I craved this and ate Peanut butter and applesauce on a toasted english muffin all through the pregnancy of my daughter.
  8. Grated carrots- another way to get in your antioxidants.
  9. Vanilla Greek yogurt- Greek yogurt is thicker than traditional yogurts, and it is perishable, so eat this version right away!
  10. Banana slices- Of course this is the ultimate all time favorite of mine.
  11. Slice of Chocolate- This is actually more like dessert!

This list can expand and go on and on with as many creative ideas. The variation of breads can be used as well. "Wraps" are popular these days, and these variations can go into a wrap, and filo pastry is another way of dressing up the luncheon meal. If someone is kosher, even matzos could be used. Cutting up the sandwiches in shapes without the crust is always an encouraging meal for the little ones.

Beware of Food Allergies In Little Ones

Make sure honey is not given to any child under two.The digestive tract of a baby and toddler can develop an infection inside the intestines due to spores from honey. According to wholesome, it is good to check with the physician in regards to starting out new foods. Always test each food out with the preschoolers by checking with the doctor first. Unfortunate experience with peanut allergies can occur, which causes hives, rash and difficulty breathing due to tracheal swelling. The website, www.keep kids offers good advise to introducing new foods into your young child's diet.

Being creative in the kitchen with the food choices makes meal preparation quite enjoyable. Especially on a budget, you can make a thinning pantry of basic staples into a nutritious meal. Peanut butter is good staple to have now when it is not known when a natural disaster might strike. Being prepared is a good thing, so while in an emergency situation, you might as well enjoy the meal as it lasts. Happy meal planning, readers!


For those ones who are calorie conscious, a well known combination is peanut butter on celery sticks. This writer has seen a definite change in a nutritionally balanced combination. There are other vegetables that can be substituted, such as carrot sticks and sweet potato fries. The idea of this breadless meal is to reap the benefit of the protein in the peanut butter and fiber and vitamins in the vegetables, while reducing the carbohydrates. There are already enough carbohydrates in peanut butter, 6 grams in a two tablespoon serving along with 8 grams of protein. Children and adults alike may enjoy dipping their food into the peanut butter making it a more pleasurable experience.

Time To Read The Nutrition Labels

This past year I have had an opportunity to shop in a new Food Market. The prices are more reasonable and there seems to be an excellent layout of a new store, as things are easier to find. The very first thing I needed to buy when I entered the store for the first time was for peanut butter. I found it was extremely convenient to place the peanut butter right next to the bread and the jelly, jam and fruit preserves. But I was quite amazed that there seems to be many more decisions to make in that aisle. Not all peanut butter brands are the same. I find that the label states in smaller letters under peanut butter, the word "spread". I looked at the listed ingredients. Not just peanuts and salt, but other ingredients such as corn syrup solids, sugar or honey, as well as soy protein, and hydrogenated vegetable oils, mono and diglycerides, palm oil, along with added vitamins and minerals. It is important that labels are read so not to experience any kind of allergy or sensitivity to what ingredients turn it into a "spread". For those who want a more organic brand of peanut butter, which has only peanuts, and salt, the price may be almost a dollar more per jar, but healthier. Just be aware, that the organic version of peanut butter will need to be stirred, as the peanuts and oil separates, and that the organic peanut butter needs refrigeration.

What do you put with your sandwich in your lunch box?

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    • katrinasui profile image

      katrinasui 6 years ago

      Love the suggestions. I will try these because i like sandwiches.

    • breakfastpop profile image

      breakfastpop 6 years ago

      Love the suggestions. I might just try out all of them!

    • truthfornow profile image

      truthfornow 6 years ago from New Orleans, LA

      Oh, I like the peanut butter and cheese idea. I also eat those crackers and never thought about making a sandwich out of it.

    • Pamela99 profile image

      Pamela Oglesby 6 years ago from United States

      You made some good suggestions as a little variety is always nice.