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Different flavors of Japanese Kit-Kat Bars

Updated on July 30, 2012

I feel like writing about something fun that I really enjoy today - Japanese candy. Not just any Japanese candy, though. I'm talking about Japanese KitKat bars. In the United States, we get some KitKat bars, but we're limited to a few selected flavors: milk chocolate, dark chocolate and white chocolate. These are all tried and true flavors, but they are nothing like what can be imported from Asia. By comparison, the candy we get is boring and bland! So, I decided to take a little time to talk about the different flavors of KitKat bars from Japan. There are over 65 different flavors in all, so I cannot comment on all of them, but I'll do my best to point out some notable flavors!

Green Tea KitKat.
Green Tea KitKat.

Green Tea

This is a flavor of KitKat I've actually tried. It is the green tea flavor. The mini bar has 67 total calories. They are two small cookie sticks covered in a layer of green looking chocolate. Well, it isn't exactly chocolate - it is some green tea flavored coating. It doesn't taste strongly of green tea. In fact, it somewhat tastes like green tea blended with tons of sugar and maybe a touch of white chocolate. It might sound weird, but it is a very addictive flavor! This is the most popular flavor of imported KitKat from Japan. You can usually find this flavor floating around on eBay.

Strawberry flavor.
Strawberry flavor.


Another popular flavor is Strawberry. There are tons of variations on it, too, including Strawberry Cake. The flavor is a white chocolate strawberry type. It is a very artificial tasting strawberry, but there really is nothing bad about it. It is unique and interesting. It also has a very strong smell when you open the package. If you've tried other Japanese strawberry flavored candy, you probably know what to expect from this.

Wasabi flavor.
Wasabi flavor.


Can you imagine eating wasabi paste as a dessert? Neither can I, but the Japanese can, which is why they've created a wasabi flavored KitKat bar. This is one snack that is sweet and spicy and could probably kill you if consumed in massive quanities. If you can stand the spice level, you'll probably enjoy this flavor. Though, I'd imagine it is a very acquired taste. If nothing else, eating this will clean your sinuses!

Corn Flavor.
Corn Flavor.


Do you want to try something really different? Why not break off a piece of that corn flavored KitKat bar? Oh, yes. What could be better than a buttery cob of grilled corn? Perhaps a sweet snack flavored like corn! I've never tried this flavor, but it does seem rather interesting, doesn't it? If you want a sweet snack flavored with corn, you really do not need to look much further!

Cola and Ramune.
Cola and Ramune.

Cola and Ramune

There are even cola flavored KitKats available in Japan. Along with cola, there is also ramune in the pack. If you didn't know, ramune is a traditional flavor of Japanese soda. Anyway, you can try out both flavors if you buy this candy! I don't know, but biting down on a crisp cookie flavored like a cola? I think I'll pass, but somebody out there has to like it - afterall, it does exist!

Ginger Ale

If cola wasn't enough for you, how about a nice refreshing tall... KitKat bar flavored like ginger ale? Sweet, bubbly and... crispy? Yes, you can enjoy this refreshing summer drink in a chewable form. Though, it might be an acquired taste, like many other of the flavors displayed on this page.


I'll be honest: the kiwi flavor sounds much more appealing than most of the other flavors on this page. I'd much rather attempt to eat a kiwi KitKat as opposed to a wasabi one. At least I know it won't kill me. Like many of the fruit flavored ones, this one probably is flavored like kiwi with a slight white chocolate undertone.


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