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Different flavours of Ice-creams

Updated on August 2, 2011

We all are very familiar of ice-creams. Ice-cream is a frozen dessert made from milk products and sugar by adding different fruits and flavours. Artificial colouring is used to give a tempting look. Ice creams may have the following composition: 50% - 60% water, 10% - 12% sweetner, 10% - 15% milk fats and 1% - 2% emulsifiers. There are hundreds of flavours of Ice-creams. Here is a list of mouth watering Ice-creams.

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Basic Flavours

·Vanilla: This is the basic flavor made from pure vanilla and milk. It is a blend of cream, butter and vanilla extract. No colour is added and the colour of this Ice-cream is white.

·Strawberry: It is a real fruit ice-cream which is made from strawberry. It is pink in colour with strawberry flavour. Strawberries are lightly sugared to make this flavor.

· Chocolate: This is a combination of cocoa with sweet cream. There are many types in chocolate ice-creams like;

oChocolate orange: It is a perfect blend of chocolate and orange flavor.

oChocolate vanilla: It is a combination of chocolate with pure white vanilla, decorated layer by layer.

oChocolate lime: Sweet lime is combined with chocolate flavor to get a perfect choco lime ice-cream.

o Chocolate Chip: It is prepared by mixing vanilla ice-cream with semi-sweet chocolate chips.

o Chocolate mint chips: It is a peppermint ice-cream with chocolate chips. It is green in colour.

oChocolate Decadence: It is a great combination of chocolate ice-cream with dry fruits, chocolate chips and pieces of cookies.

oNegative chocolate chips: This contains white Chocó chips in chocolate ice-cream.

o Chocolate almond: Chocolate ice-cream with a layer of almonds over it.

· Honeycomb: Luxury vanilla ice-cream is coated with chocolate sauce and chocolate covered honeycomb.

· Pistachio Nut: Whole & broken pistachio pieces decorated over pistachio flavor.

Fruit flavours:

· Grape nut: vanilla ice-cream is mixed with grape nuts and cereal.

· Mango: Mango fruit flavoured ice-cream with mango ripple.

· Banana: Prepared from fresh bananas.

· Cherry Vanilla: Pure vanilla ice-cream combined with cherry pieces.

· Orange pineapple: a combination of fresh orange juice with crushed pineapple chunks.

· Raspberry Ripple: Vanilla ice-cream is rippled with pure black raspberry sauce.

· Orange tiger: Vanilla ice-cream rippled with orange sauce and chocolate chips.

Popular flavours:

· Apple crumble: Chunks of apple with crumble pieces.

· Forest fruit: It is a multi-fruit combination, prepared from Raspberry, strawberry and blackberry.

· Marshmallow: Luxury vanilla ice-cream with Raspberry sauce and mini marshmallows.

· Peanut Butter Cluster: Peanut flavor ice-cream with toasted almonds and choc ripple sauce.

· Tutti Frutti: It is a real fruit combination.

· Strawberry Chocolate Chip: It is a perfect combination of strawberry ice-cream with chocolate chips.

· Cream & Cookies: Vanilla ice-cream with chocolate sandwich cookies.

· Frozen pudding: Apples, pineapples, peaches, Raisins and cherries soaked in dark rum.

· Butter Pecan: A butterscotch ice-cream with whole & broken pecans.


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      thirumurugan 5 years ago


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      Sureshkumar 5 years ago

      now only i came to know about this flavor and the receipy also its very useful for me and i will say to my friends also...

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      jamterrell 6 years ago

      Excellent hub! I love reading it.

    • Denise Handlon profile image

      Denise Handlon 6 years ago from North Carolina

      Yum. I think ice cream is one of the treats that appeals to many people all over the world. It is fun to see how many flavors and names of ice cream that come out.

    • Greenhousewife profile image

      Aimee 6 years ago

      Wonderful hub! Time for a scoop or two. :)