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Dining in BUFFET 101, another eat all you can experience.

Updated on August 18, 2016
Maria Cecilia profile image

Maria Cecilia believes that writing is a pleasure and at the same time a challenge to her flexibility.

Fine Friday the 13th

It was a rainy afternoon and I was a bit worried if I can reach Mall of Asia with my poise still not leaving me, it was a good thing I decided to ride our Cavite shuttle service because its regular route is Roxas Blvd that passes Baclaran which is just a few minutes travel going to MOA. My officemate advised me to just ride a taxi because MOA is just a few Kilometers away and can definitely bring me quicker to my destination and true enough I reached Buffet 101 without much difficulty...

But it was in the restaurant when I found out I forgot my USB in the office, meaning I can't have an internet overnight (oh that's a nightmare) and I will need to go back to office the following day.... well I guess that's my share of bad luck for that day.

Oh that quite affected my mood so I was not too conscious when it comes to foods served on the buffet... But I took as many photos as I can and will try to add more stories..

I love Desserts

My First Serving

It became my habit to try the dessert first whenever I am in a buffet challenge. For someone like me who loves sweets, to see a lot of them attractively arranged is something I can not resist, so I 'd rather try what appeals to me first than regret that I have no more room to accommodate them.

In my first serving, I got the strawberry mousse, waffle topped with strawberry and blueberry jam, Tiramisu and mango cake. Strawberry mousse is just great and the tiramisu is unforgettable. Indeed to see a lot of dessert in a buffet is like a dream came true.

My Second Serving

I was thinking of steak for my 2nd serving, aside from that any dishes that has cheese on it is also my target. I ended up getting a piece of US Beef Prime Ribs and New Zealand Lamb legs, pieces of corn, I forgot the name of this broccolli and Collie flower with cheese not sure if mozarella. the mashed potato placed in a crab cover is tasty but it tasted more of a potato than crab meat.

My Third Serving

Pizza,Pasta and soup seemed to be a perfect combination and definitely my favorite especially when I am too hungry...Pizza were sliced in thin pieces, as if expecting that majority of the guests are full already and might just try a piece of it.

4th servings

My 4th serving was a combination of foods from Asian countries, Chicken feet, siomai and dumplings from China, Tempura from Japan and the Dragon fruit from Philippines. I like the siomai and the dumplings, but I can't get more because I am already full at that moment but still wanted to try more..

It's worth it...

For me a popular buffet restaurant has the following characteristics: Delicious foods, over flowing quality and quanitity of foods served, large space enough to accommodate large group of people, cleanliness of the facilities, courteous waiters.

Aside from that, I gave high points to those that serve fancy desserts, from cake to ice cream, jelly, crepe, waffles, fresh fruits, pie, etc etc... When drinks are already included in the given per head rate, that is another plus factor, you can take whatever you like, your choice softdrinks, juice, shakes, smoothies, coffee, tea and even beer.

So for me BUFFET 101 is not a bad alternative if you can't be accomodated to other Buffet restaurant because of late reservation. But technique will always be the same, plan first what you want to eat on your next visit... The next time I come to Buffet 101, I am planning to visit the Chinese Cuisine because of their delicious dimsum.

I forgot to mention that my adventure did not end in my 4th serving, If my memory serves me right, my 5th serving was all appertizers, with that delicious Tomato topped with cheese. I had two servings of desserts too with tea. My digicam went low batt, and photos I took using my cellphones were all corrupted... I guess that's the other half of my Friday the 13th luck.

© 2012 Maria Cecilia


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    • Maria Cecilia profile image

      Maria Cecilia 3 years ago from Philippines

      ohh Niixiie sorry about that, but at that time it P890.00, the diffierence with Vikings is not really that much

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      niixiie 3 years ago

      You didn't mention the price :)

    • Maria Cecilia profile image

      Maria Cecilia 5 years ago from Philippines

      This hub hits 100 score again after 8 days

    • Maria Cecilia profile image

      Maria Cecilia 5 years ago from Philippines

      This hub hits 100% score twice this week

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      Maria Cecilia 5 years ago from Philippines

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