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Pune - Dining in Pune

Updated on August 24, 2011

Zikomo -True value for money

Pune has witnessed a phenomenal and exponential growth as a city since the late 90's due to IT & ITES. People's spending power has increased. The real benefit apart from from the job creation and growth of the city has been the growth of fine dining restaurants and 5-star hotels. More so in the case of restaurants. So much so, that we as consumers are spoilt for choice.

I usually surf the Internet looking out for good restaurants in the city. I came across a blog where the author had suggested to try dining at 'Zikomo'. I thought 'An unusual name!'. I went through their own website. The menu was very interesting as it was world cuisine, not confined to the usual Indian food. I and my family decided to visit Zikomo.

Zikomo is located on Baner road, probably half a kilometer ahead of Sadanand resorts. The entrance was very unappealing and mundane. For a moment I thought "Have I made the wrong choice?". But then I was proved wrong as soon as the door was opened by the staff, who were very amiable.

Its trendy interiors and mood lighting was impressive indeed. We sat down and decided to experiment with the food we were to order. First, we had Spinach and Cheese Quesadilla. This consists of a creamy and mild spinach and cheese mixture stuffed inside tortillas. This was indeed very tasty. In main course, we ordered Murgh Razia ( boneless chicken cooked in a creamy tomato based gravy), Zikomo Paratha ( a huge, flat square shaped paratha) and Stir fried Chinese Greens in Garlic Sauce. All the items were excellant, especially the paratha. It literally melted in my mouth! Finally, we were served Chocolate mousse as a complimentary dish! Even this was good.

Surprisingly, the bill amount came around to be very cheap considering the fact that we had ordered 4 items. So, if you are thinking about visiting a good restaurant in Baner, make sure you do visit Zikomo....!


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