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Dining in Red Lodge: Mas Taco

Updated on August 26, 2013
Used with permission from
Used with permission from | Source

Gourmet take out Mexican in Red Lodge Montana

If there was ever a place I'd stop to eat at while fleeing a raging wildfire it would be Mas Taco. Seriously this is a true story. We had just packed up our things from the B&B after making our way past a police road block with the raging Rock Creek forest fire in the not to far distance and were headed home for an unexpectant curt-tail to our vacation in Red Lodge when hunger spoke and the Mas Taco beconed to our stomachs.

Mas Taco is kind of a gourmet taco stand in what appears to be an old gas station on the far end of the Red Lodge main street. The end away from the fire which burned out of control in the mountains above this old historic western town in Montana.

Its a taqueria style Mexican restaurant which has most of its tables outside and offers take out. The owner and chef Mike Muirhead spent a career in kitchens from Florence Italy to the East Coast and at Spago Beverly Hills where he was the Sous Chef under Wolfgang Puck.

So as you'd expect, it might be Mexican street food but its got a gourmet touch with lovely sauces and layered flavors.

They offer specials of the day for around $9 which everyone in our group jumped on. Forest Fire Wedsday was chimichanga day which meant you could chose any of their burritos and get it fried. The result after being layered with the wonderful salsas and sauces really hit the spot.

Other specialities include pork "Al Pastor", shrimp "Mojo de Ajo" or crispy carne asada empanadas. Everything here is made from scratch including the tortillas, queso fresco cheese, crema, salsa, beans and rice.

The only dining options in this tiny little restaurant is out on the patio where you could watch the smoke and airplanes battling the fire or at the counter. Unfortunately for our frayed nerves they did not serve alcohol as we probably could have used a margarita but perhaps with our three hour drive back to Bozeman that night it was probably all for the better.

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