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Dinner at The High Park on Bradley Road in Huddersfield

Updated on May 16, 2014


The High Park, Bradley Road, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, HD2 1PZ.

A markerThe High Park -
Bradley Road, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, HD2 1PZ.
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Initial Impressions

The High Park is a pub/restaurant of the Eating Inn brand of the Greene King group. The pub is on Bradley Road on the outskirts of Huddersfield, and has an extensive car park, a beer garden, and a Play Zone for children.

It was visited on a Wednesday evening and was fairly quiet, with only a few tables occupied. Unusually, the location has table service, where you are shown to a table and order there, and pay at the end of the meal. This type of venue normally requires customers to go to the bar to place any orders, and to pay up front or, occasionally, open a tab with a credit or debit card.

There are a number of offers during the week. Wednesday is Spice Night where you can order a curry with rice, poppadoms and a drink for £7.95. There is also the Extra Value deal that runs all day, every day where you can order two dishes from a fairly limited selection for £9.99 or, if you want slightly more choice, pay an extra £1 per dish. On this deal there are also a limited number of starters and sweets for only £2.50 each.

Vinegar, salt and pepper pots were on the tables, along with napkins and cutlery. Any other condiments had to be asked for, and brown sauce was requested with the main meal which came in a small dish served on a plate.

The Food

Two 330ml bottles of Coke Zero were ordered to drink, with each served in a glass and brought over to the table. The Coke, being bottled, was of a better quality than draught would have been. The food chosen was ordered from the main menu.


This was a Halloumi Bruschetta, which consists of three pieces of toasted ciabatta topped with a slice of halloumi (a Cypriot semi-hard cheese), which were topped with a, fairly coarsely chopped, tomato, cucumber and red onion salsa. These were then drizzled with a beetroot and fennel glaze.

The bruschetta was quite elegantly presented on a rectangular plate and looked very nice and colourful. This was a tasty starter with an interesting combination of flavours. The salsa was, being quite coarse, more like chopped vegetables than an actual sauce.

Main Course

The main course ordered was a Hunter's Chicken, which is a chicken breast which is topped with smoked bacon, barbecue sauce and melted Cheddar cheese. The chicken was served in a small dish on the plate, and was accompanied by a portion of chips and a lightly dressed salad garnish consisting of mixed leaves, small pieces of tomato, red onion and cucumber and some pomegranate seeds.

The chicken had quite a smoky taste, presumably from the bacon - which appeared to be streaky rather than back - and the barbecue sauce. Back bacon would have been preferable to streaky, but it was quite flavoursome. The salad garnish was fresh, and the pomegranate seeds were an unusual addition, and the chips were hot and fresh. The cheese where it had melted onto the dish itself was a little overdone, but that which had remained on the chicken was fine.


My Review

The cost of the meal including drinks came to £16.08. This is a bit more expensive than comparable places in terms of the price of the food. The differences are that The High Park has table service, which can make a big difference, especially if it's busy and you are dining alone. The service was polite, friendly and quick and overall the pub had much more of a restaurant feel than you would get eating at chains such as J.D. Wetherspoon's. The food is also of a slightly higher quality, so the increased price is because you are paying more for better quality and service.

It's recommended that you don't get a table near the front doors in cold weather though, as there is a substantial cold draft at those tables caused by people entering and leaving. Although The High Park is perhaps a bit dearer than other pubs, it is not quite the same, being more of a restaurant experience than pub dining.

My Rating

3 stars for The High Park, Bradley Road, Huddersfield


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