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How to get free or discounted meals

Updated on August 29, 2012

So if you are thinking about grabbing a bite to eat this might be a good site to visit fist. It offers a dozen links to your favorite restaurants that in turn offer coupons or inform you about the daily specials. Also found on these links are birthday offers. maybe you have a friend who has a birthday fast approaching. Sign him or her up with their email and they will get a couponor offer for a free appetizer from their favorite restaurant. Maybe they will be so grateful that you get invited!! Included in this list is Texas Road House, I-HOP, Denneys, Applebees, Ruby Tuesdays, Wendys and many more!


The popular Apple-bees chain offers free meals to veterans on Veterans Day. The Catch? You have to order from the following:House Sirloin, Riblet Basket, Fiesta Lime Chicken, Quesadilla Burger or Oriental Chicken Salad, and this promotion is only offered in 12 sates in 164 participating restaurants.


 On Feburary 24th IHOP offers a free stack of pancakes to celebrate Pancake Day!  The catch, doantions are appreciated to support Childrens Charities.  1.3 Million was collected in 2009 for local chidren's charities.

Jack in the Box

 Jack in the box offered an on line coupon for two free Tacos on 2/24/09.  The Catch? You have to sign up your e-mail.


Denny's featured a day with free grand slam breakfasts. They boast they served 2 million grand slams that day at least 130 grand slams per hour.!

Dennys also has a kids club where a child can receive a coupon for a free dinner and sundae for their birthday!


 McDonalds isn't offering any free meals however it does offer free kiddie size ice creams for the little ones.

Ruby Tuesdays

Ruby Tuesdays will offer you a birthday present if you sign up for their birthday club. You can receive a coupon for a free appetizer!. See link below to sign up!

Texas Road House

If you sign up you can get a couponfor a free appetizer. The couponhas an expiration date so be sure to use it. Please click on link below to sign up.

Red Lobster

If you join Red Lobster's club you will be able to receive coupons and be entered into drawings. You will also receive an extra birthday "gift" See link below to sign up!

Ryan's Restaurants

Ryans offers coupons for birthdays and anniversaries. Just join at the link below for your free item!

Pizza Hut

Although Pizza Hut won't give you a free pizza on your birthday it will send you coupons on line when you sign up at the link below. Also this site promises you 75 free MP3's . Check out link below as well. While you at this website you can also register for a chance for a trip to Italy..

Chuck E Cheese

 Chuck E Cheese website offers coupons as well as a birthday offer.  Click on link below to register your child.  Also when registering be sure to give YOUR year of birth or you will not be allowed to sign up for 24 hours!

Dairy Queen

The Dairy Queen Website offers a Buy one get one Blizzard coupon if you sign up. See link below for details.


Wendys Website offers coupon emails weekly. This week is a dollar off one of theri famous cheeseburgers. Click on the link below to find out what else they offer.

Toys R Us

Check out link below to sign up for Geofferys birthday club and receive a coupon in the mail. Check out the helpful tips on hosting a party as well.


 KFC doesn't seem to have any coupons or specails at their website.  They do however have printable  gift certificates, which would make a handy last minute gift!.  Check out website below.

Marie Callenders

 Marie Callenders offers coupons for your birthday or anniversay.  Just sign  up at the link below.

Baskin Robbins

Baskin Robbins offers a coupon for free ice cream on your birthday. Just sign in at link below.


 Arby's offers an extras page.  it is unsure if Arbys will offer you anything free , but if you sing up at the link below you can receive emails of upcoming promotions and maybe some coupons.  This site also offers a chance to take an Arby's survey.

Dunkin Donuts and Krispy Creme

 June 5th is Free Doughnut Day!  Go into your participating Donut store for your free donut!


 At you can enter your bottle cap codes to earn points to earn free stuff.  The more points you collect the bigger the prize.  Now is a good time to start collecting those points for that Christmas gift!  Also Coke is asking you to text the codes at a chance at winning money.  Check the link below and sign up today.

National Slurpee Day

 Yep even the Slurpee has it's own day!  On July 11th of every year, the 7-Eleven gives away one free slurpee per customer.  It is in celebration of  the 7-Eleven's birthday and a thank you to the customers..

 Great site with lots of freebies!  Check it out!


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    • enlightenedpsych2 profile image

      enlightenedpsych2 8 years ago from n.e. portion of U.S. on Planet earth

      Wow, chock full of great freebies or almost freebies ! I found you off of VINEFIRE although I too am a 'hubber' . . . Nice to make your acquaintance !

      sharing the light, miss erica hidvegi the Enlightenment Advisor

    • Bill Beavers profile image

      Bill Beavers 9 years ago from California

      Wow, what a great hub. So much info on a subject so seldom looked at. Well done.

    • Ms Chievous profile image

      Tina 9 years ago from Wv

      Thanks R Graf and Mighty Mom! I added Marie Callenders for you as well as a few others. I only know Marie Callendars to be in the frozen food isle!

    • Mighty Mom profile image

      Susan Reid 9 years ago from Where Left is Right, CA

      Agree with RGraf. I don't frequent any of those restaurants except once in awhile a Blizzard really hits the spot. Obviously I do not live in the Northeast, which is enduring its own blizzard today.

      Great hub and very useful. In this economy, every little bit helps. In CA we have Marie Callendars (or Callenders -- I never spell it right) and they send you a coupon for a free meal on your birthday, too.

    • RGraf profile image

      Rebecca Graf 9 years ago from Wisconsin

      The DQ one got my attention - one is right down the street :)