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Dinosaur Cupcake Cake

Updated on November 17, 2014

Dinosaur Cupcake Cake

Multiple cupcakes used to create a fun kid's dinosaur birthday cake.
Multiple cupcakes used to create a fun kid's dinosaur birthday cake. | Source


Cupcakes have become increasingly popular over the past several years. These individual "cakes" are the perfect treat to serve at a birthday, shower, or even wedding. The cupcake makes serving easy, no more worrying about cutting and totally butchering the cake. Also, no more guessing how many servings you can get from one cake, just have one cupcakes for each guest!

Cupcake Cakes

Aside from serving individuals cupcakes, the "Cupcake Cake" is a fun and creative ways to display cupcakes. Just do a search on Pinterest and there are countless ideas for the Cupcake Cake…princess dresses. ice cream cones, Olaf, horse…the list goes on!

Create Your Own Dinosaur Cupcake Cake

Here's a tutorial for creating your own Dinosaur Cupcake Cake:


  • 12 regular sized cupcakes (flavor of your choice)
  • 7 mini cupcakes (flavor of your choice)
  • Crusting buttercream frosting
  • Wilton color gel: green and blue
  • Wilton candy melts: red
  • Colorful sprinkles
  • Chocolate Chip
  • Frosting Bags
  • Piping Tip (Wilton Size 2)
  • Viva Paper Towel
  • Wax Paper
  • Zip-lock baggie
  • Knife
  • Large pan or board to build your dinosaur on

Candy Melt Triangles

The dinosaur spikes and party hat are made from the red candy melts. Take a handful of candy melts and melt them according to the directions on the package. Place the melted candy in a zip-lock baggie and snip the corner to create your own piping bag. On wax paper free-hand 8 triangles. You can vary the size and shape…they don't have to be perfect. Chose one of the triangles to bet the dinosaur's party hat and sprinkle with the colorful sprinkles while the candy is still soft. Place all the triangles in the refrigerator and allow them to get good and hard.

Arranging the Cupcakes

Arrange the cupcakes to resemble the outline of a dinosaur
Arrange the cupcakes to resemble the outline of a dinosaur

Assemble and Frost the Dinosaur

Arrange the cupcakes and mini cupcakes to mimic the picture above.

Take the buttercream frosting and divide and color accordingly:

  • Small amount needs to remain white. (This will be used for the claws and letters)
  • Color a small amount of buttercream blue. (The blue is used for outlining and decorating the hat)
  • Color the rest of the frosting green

Fill a piping bag or zip lack bag with the green frosting and swirl each cupcake. There is really not specific technique, just be sure to get a good amount of frosting on each cupcake and fill in the "gaps" between the cupcakes. This is why a good crusting buttercream works best and will be firm enough to hold up in the gaps. If you frosting is too runny you may run into drooping pockets of frosting between the cupcakes.

Frost the Dionsaur

Cover the entire area with green frosting…be sure to fill in the gaps between the cupcakes.
Cover the entire area with green frosting…be sure to fill in the gaps between the cupcakes.

Smooth the Frosting

To get a nice smooth surface I used the Viva Paper Towel Technique. Take one sheet of Viva paper towel and place it on the frosting. Gently smooth over the paper towel, you can use your hand or a fondant smoother works well too. The viva paper towel helps create a smooth surface because the towel doesn't have any texture or pattern. Continue to work your way across the dinosaur and smooth the surface.

Smooth a Cake-Viva Paper Towel Technique

The finishing touches and details is what brings the dinosaur together!
The finishing touches and details is what brings the dinosaur together!


Now it is time to add the details and get this to start looking like a birthday dinosaur. Take the candy melt triangles (they should be good and hard now) and place a small amount of buttercream on the back (to act as glue) and place them on the dinosaur.

Place the blue frosting in a piping bag with the 2M tip and outline the dinosaur as shown in the photo above. Also add some blue frosting to the party hat to create a bottom border and ball on top. The blue icing was also used to create spots on the dinosaurs back.

Use the white frosting to write on the body of the dinosaur. Also add claws to the 2 feet.

Using a butter knife create a smile in the frosting and then add the chocolate chip for the eye.

TA DA!!!!! Your Birthday Dinosaur Cupcake Cake is complete!!!!!!

TA DA…Dinosaur Complete!!!!

Birthday Dinosaur Cupcake Cake!
Birthday Dinosaur Cupcake Cake!

Have you tried making other cupcake cakes? What's your favorite design you've tried!? Hope you give this a try…it's easy and a fun way to jazz up cupcakes for your next birthday party!!!

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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Thanks for sharing - I am going to make this for my grandson's 4th birthday !!! I love making cupcake cakes !!! This is a Keeper !

    • Journey * profile image

      Nyesha Pagnou MPH 

      3 years ago from USA

      This dinosaur cupcake cake is adorable. Thanks for sharing the nice idea.


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