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Disadvantages of Pepsi Cola and Coca Cola

Updated on June 10, 2015

Disadvantages of Pepsi Cola and Coca Cola

Many customers have made their choice what to prefer, but there is a category of people that don’t know what to choose. It is important to know that there are many differences between Pepsi Cola and Coca Cola. Business Insider has presented, in an article; the differences between these two soft drinks and many of them cannot be felt at a first simple degustation. From the nutritional point of view Pepsi is sweeter, its taste is more time felt and Cola has more sodium. A great difference between these two drinks is made by their promotions. From this point of view, Coca-Cola is further than Pepsi. All the advertisements from Coca-Cola company are more attractive and interesting, especially those from Christmas in comparison with fewer promotions for Pepsi Cola. So in this way, it is more used by consumers.

Even if, both of these drinks are delicious and tasty, they have a lot of disadvantages for people’s health. With all this, people continue to consume them, and nobody can stop this, neither doctors nor nutritionist. From the very beginning, to make this drinks were used cocaine leaves, but after 1900 it was forbidden and is used just scraps from the process of extraction of cocaine. Both drinks contain energizing and don’t have vitamins and minerals. It is demonstrated that Cola drinks are enriched with Carbone Dioxide and with an acid PH. This thinks damage the stomach.

Many people drink Cola to quench thirst. But it is a wrong ideology, because they do not only dehydrate, but also they make to feel higher thirsty.

The biggest problem of these drinks is the high number of calories (45Kcal/100ml). Even if, there were invented light Coca Colas and Pepsi Colas, there are many questions about their effects because it is unknown what kind of sweeteners are used. More and more studies show that light drinks get fat but in a perverted way. They do not have calories, but after drinking, at the next meal people feel they get fat, because of many calories from the food. It is wrong, but it is not sure. This mechanism is still being researched.

Cola drinks contribute to weight gain that affect people’s health. The obesity creates new illnesses connected with blood vessels, heart, blood pressure and the worst ones like metabolic syndrome, diabetes, etc.

Cola drinks contain the big amount of caffeine. This think provokes sleeplessness, tremors, tachycardia.

An adverse effect, Cola drink has on teeth, that of demineralization because of its acid pH. It is good not to brush teeth after consuming Coca Cola or Pepsi Cola. It is better to wait more than half an hour because teeth enamel does not have time to re-mineralize with salivary components, leading, by brushing, to the worsening of lesion of demineralization.

It is also known that Cola drinks, especially that brown dye affect our body, provoking cancer. With all this firms continue to produce and not to change anything. Also, they produce dependence that is the worst possible, after all adverse effects described above.

Many people accuse these firms in lying, telling that it is not written anywhere all this affects. These people must be received any rewards, but nothing is usual in simple life.

I use neither Coca-Cola nor Pepsi Cola because I don’t like them. And also I am happy, knowing all this horrible disadvantages.

People who became dependent and drink every day this „soft” drinks are not strong enough to let this crazy idea because dependence belongs to the psychological branch of each person. Advice for such people is to consult a specialist or even to try solving this problem by themselves because everything is possible, just believe in this.

There are no real effects of these soft drinks. Nobody knows for sure what kinds of components are used in Cokes. Creators are not interested in people healthy, but only in earning as much as possible money. With all this bad and only negative effect people continue to drink them, to relish it and most stupid, to give it to their children, instead of natural juices, many fruits and vegetables and healthy food.

In conclusion, I want to write Corina Zugravu’s, Romanian stomatology, words, Cola drinks are just nails that we, by ourselves, beat it in our outsole”, we do not need them, but we use them creating, in this way, problems for future.


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