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Discovering Jhal Mouri in Dhaka.

Updated on December 19, 2015

What is Jhal Mouri?

Jhal Mouri is a traditional snacks in the south eastern region of Asia, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Here Jhal means something hot flavor generally come from the green chilies. Mouri means like popcorn made from the corn, thus Mouri is made from the Rice i.e. Puffed Rice. When this Mouri is mixed well the cut pieces green chilies and other Marsala then the the Jhal Mouri is ready. Jhal Moury may be called Spicy Puffed Rice. In a simple word it called Puffed Rice Snacks what is most common in the streets of Bangladesh.


Jhal Mouri Ingredients.

Well a good tasted Jhal Mouri that includes a good numbers of ingredients. The taste completely depend on the variety of ingredients and how to use it. It is a street food so it much competitive for the sellers. People are generally go for the one who can tasted it well. All the Mouri man's secrecy is on the wide range of ingredients but What are those? here all the common ingredients of Jhal Mouri are as follows:-

a. Mouri, Puffed Rice.

b. Chanachur, fried gram slated and spiced.

c. Hot Spices, Green Chilies.

d. Lemon Juice.

e Red Tomatoes.

f. Chopped Onions

g. Mustard Oil

h. Chicken curry's broth

i. Fresh coriander leaves

some other ingredients like Marsala, sauce, salts etc. This ingredients are based on the Man who is making it. They use it according to the taste of the people.

Mixing well means tasted well.

Whenever you go for Jhal Mouri you will see that the chef our Jhal Mouri man is shaking a little pot. This is mixing the Mouri with the other ingredients in a pot. The taste is wholly depend on it. Dhaka is a one of the busiest city in the world. Generally the Mouri man comes out in the city at afternoon & evening. I took the all the images are in this post at the evening yesterday near at "Hatir Jheel", a common place in Dhaka where you can hanging out with friends. here all the Jhal Mouri man you see at the side of the lake with his mobile shop. The Sound is so good of the shaking of his Jhal Mouri pot. You will definitely love it. The Mouri man just put the Mouri in a pot, then he put some chopped onions, later chopped chilies, salt to taste, chopped tomatoes, lemon juice, master oil, chicken soup, fresh coriander leaves, many other spicy syrup and some other spicy ingredients. Then all he needs it shaking it! shaking it!

Jhal Muri at the street of Dhaka.


How to eat Jhal Mouri.

Well Jhal Mouri is a street foods. Its a type of snacks that's like you are walking, talking and eating. You are just hungry and looking for something spicy to eat, oh! there is our Jhal Mouri man! calling on Jhal Mouri! Jhal Mouri. Its just 10 Taka (Bangladeshi Money) or .10 USD per unit, Its much cheap in compare with other snacks or meal in Dhaka. Its on a paper that's cone shaped. But you have no spoon, no problem dude, you will served by a spoon that is made of hard paper and I am definitely sure your mouth will be watered whenever you will see to making it.

When, where to eat Jhal Mouri.

Well Jhal Mouri is a type of snacks that is a daily meals specially tasted in the afternoon. People love it basically when in the hanging out. A man with a Mobile shop found in the streets, parks or in front of a Malls. People love it in the winter very much. Because its a hot spicy snacks. In the Winter evening a packet of Jhal Mouri bring the best pleasure of you to hanging out on the street.

Once you eat Jhal Mouri you will eat again.

Jhal mouri is a traditional & unique Bangladeshi foods. The most common Bangladeshi street food and relatively cheaper that other meal.Whenever you come in Dhaka. you have to taste this real Bangladeshi flavor. Recently some brands are available for Jhal Mouri but its not the taste from our Jhal Mouri Man in the streets and real taste is on the mixing of ingredients with his fingers. You will remember it for years.


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