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Why Does Soda in Glass Bottles Taste Better?

Updated on May 18, 2011

When carbonated beverages first appeared on the scene, you didn't see anything in a can or a 2 liter plastic bottle. Back then everything came in a glass. Over the course of time, companies replaced glass with cheaper materials - aluminum and plastic. This was good for their bottomlines but not good for the soda pop itself. Below I list my reasons why you should get back to soda's roots and purchase it in glass bottles.

1. Better Carbonation

The biggest problem with using something other than glass as a container is that those materials allow for CO2 to escape. Soda left in cans or plastic for a long time is going to taste flat. So to counter this problem, the companies increase the amount of carbonation in the soft drink. The side effect of this is the carbonation overwhelms the flavor. Plus I think too much carbonation is not pleasant on the tongue.

2. Pure Cane Sugar

Nowadays everywhere you go people are speaking of the evils of high fructose corn syrup. I do not know if all these claims are true, but if you are someone trying to avoid the corn syrup, you have a lot more options in glass bottles than in the other containers.

3. Vintage Feel

It's a lot cooler to pop up the cap, then it is to twist off a plastic cap or pop the top of can. If you are someone who was around when glass was the only option, you can relive your childhood.

4. Best Soda Out There

You will never get a chance to drink some of the best stuff out there, unless you go with glass. Companies like Reed's/Virgil's, Jones, Stewart's, Sprechers, only offer all their flavors in glass.

Next time you go to the grocery walk pass the plastic, don't even look at the boxes of cans, and see what your store has in glass department. Your taste buds will thank you.


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      motny 6 years ago

      how do we see which taste better