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Do You Know What Your Eating At The Restaurant

Updated on August 23, 2012

Mice and Broccoli

Make sure you know what your eating when your going to your favorite eating place, and make sure you ask questions.
Make sure you know what your eating when your going to your favorite eating place, and make sure you ask questions.

What Are You Eating

Most people that follow me or my website know that I'm a chef and I thought about this article before writing it but this is something I really had to speak on.

When you go to your favorite place to eat are you sure about what your eating, With the way the things are going on in this world this is something that we all need to know, look at our waters and oceans are the fish healthy are they really good enough for us to consume, we have had mad cow disease, swine flu in pigs, salmonella in our chickens .

To me this is a whole lot going on that we really don't know about, and are these creatures reproducing fast enough and safe enough with the steroids being injected in to everything we eat....That make me wonder what are we eating.

The reason I question this is I myself went to a very high end restaurant with my family I ordered a chicken and broccoli dish when my order came it look so good and smelled awesome but when I started to eat my order the taste of my chicken did not taste like chicken I mean the texture and everything was close but was not the same. I went on and questioned the staff about it and they told me that it was chicken breast ...when that was said I knew that was not true then the manager came out and said it was pulled chicken meat , needless to say I did not finish this meal because as I look at the chicken it was not chicken at all.

Later than night I started to have stomach pains and I started going to the bathroom for the rest of the evening, I must say it was a really hard night for me and my family as well because they were using the bathroom as well that evening as well and at this point I knew something was wrong with the food I ate .

Now before I finish this article I want you to look at the photo I posted a long with this article.

The reason I ask you to to look at this photo was 2 days after I had gotten sick from the meal a friend sent me that photo and if your looking and reading this it looks just like the entree I ordered and you see what that photo is showing ...Mice.

Now If this is true do we as humans really know what were eating when we go out to a restaurant with our family and friends........Have you asked yourself why have you been sick or why can't hold I hold things down, and if we are eating things that are not good for us what can we do about it.

As a chef I know something like this can really hurt our business but me as a husband, and a father I really think its better to eat at home, but if you do go out, go to a place you know about and trust feel free to ask as many questions as you like, ask them can you see the kitchen most restaurants have a chef's table in there kitchen for special clients so you asking to see the kitchen should not be a problem then if your happy with everything then make that place your melting pot for good food .....You can also ask to go off the restaurant menu for a special order .

Food is here for us to live on but it's also here for us to enjoy......But we must watch what were eating and putting in our bodies,,,,,,,as I always say Happy Eating.


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