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Juan Valdez Pod Coffee Maker Review

Updated on April 29, 2009
Juan Valdez pod coffee maker
Juan Valdez pod coffee maker

I purchased a Juan Valdez pod coffee maker at during a Woot-Off. I thought it would be perfect for me. I have acid reflux so even though I absolutely LOVE coffee. I have to restrict myself to how much I drink. Otherwise my body will kick my butt and let me know that it is not happy with me.

Juan Valdez Pod Coffee Maker Review

When I bought Juan Valdez Pod Coffee Maker I knew it wasn't going to perform like a Senseo.  I also knew that it was going to be more expensive to buy pod coffee then regular ground coffee. But I thought that it would be worth the money paid for it. I was wrong. After 4 uses I've decided that this just isn't working out. I've got 2 bags of pod coffee to get through and then I'm buying a 4 cup coffee maker. Here is why.

  • It leaks out the top. The regular grocery store name brand coffee pods are too big apparently.
  • It splashes all over the place. The coffee pours through a spout of sorts into the cup. The spout is to wide and it makes a huge mess all around the cup. Only way to avoid is to hold the cup while it's filling with coffee
  • It doesn't just fill the cup at one time. The coffee pod maker has to be continually watched while filing the cup and the start buttonrepeadetly pushed to keep filling.

My Next Will Be A 4 Cup Coffee Maker

I'm convinced that even as little coffee as I drink, it will be much better if I just scrap the juan Valdez Pod Coffee Maker and buy a regular 4 Cup Coffee maker It won't pour directly into my cup, but I think I can handle that.

I wish I would have just done that  in the first place. But lesson learned. As soon as all the coffee pods are gone, my pod coffee maker is going to the GoodWill.


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