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Do this every night, the couple will be happier!

Updated on May 6, 2016

Sex is essential for couples, but it can not happen every night, so on the days ... not "love", the couple should do every night?

In addition to sex, do it every night will help couples in love more:

Talking, chatting

Do not bring the office stories, stories about work, go to bed every night customers. This is the time to share with each other husband and wife things like an upcoming field trips, a little dream ... or anything that leave real life is full of worries to talk about things increase the joy in the soul.

Every night, spend at least 10 minutes before bedtime to talk together.

Couples need to be physically close to each other more often than not just having sex. If you are not in an excited mood want to "love", go hug your mate. Hugging each other, wrapped himself in a blanket will be magically bring happiness to the relationship of you and your spouse.


Not only kissed on the lips, other locations also need to get this sweet such as the cheeks; forehead, hands, neck or anywhere you feel bring joy to the enemy. The kiss is an expression of love expressed in body language.
Action expressed confidence in partners

No need to when they have achieved a record or something cool, creating a sense of confidence, pride in one another is essential. Please pat on the shoulder, back, arms, opponents to express their beliefs.


This is something everyone can do every night, so had to list what they can do? Please answer is ... the bed not as simple as you think.

Do not immerse into the computer, television, do not climb into bed with a phone in his hand five-five, instead, and then, let's hug in the arms of sleep.


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