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Does Fast Food Make You Fat?

Updated on January 12, 2015
French fries are very popular at many fast-food restaurants.
French fries are very popular at many fast-food restaurants.

Fast food dining is a happy, carefree time to eat for most people, and anybody who enjoys an evening dining out often longs for a juicy hamburger and french fries. But is fast food vulnerable to weight? Will fast food make people fat? That depends on the types of fast food people eat. Keep in mind that not all fast food are necessarily unhealthy and labeled as “junk.” Many fast-food restaurants do indeed serve foods that are healthy. In particular, common fast foods such as spaghetti, salads, and chili do not create obesity entirety. But any fatty foods you regularly eat (i.e. french fries, cheeseburgers, chicken nuggets) can allow you to gain weight.

A look at unhealthy fast foods

The more unhealthy foods like french fries and pepperoni pizza are those to blame for high obesity. Many people enjoy eating out at anytime of day. Whether it is during the morning, they look forward to visit McDonald’s and order hash browns and pancakes. For lunch and dinner, a Big Mac, large fries, and a soft drink are often served. Generally, the foods that contain high fat contents increase your risk of being overweight. Soft drinks contain empty calories, and they too contribute to overweight problems. Common foods that are fried in oil such as chicken nuggets, chicken strips, and onion rings also have lots of fat contents.

There are plenty of healthy options to choose from at various fast-food places.  This grilled chicken from Chick-fil-A is one example.
There are plenty of healthy options to choose from at various fast-food places. This grilled chicken from Chick-fil-A is one example.

Fast foods that are low in fat

Of course, there is virtually any fast food restaurant that serves something that is deemed nutritious. Fazoli’s is a perfect example because it is an Italian-based restaurant that primarily serves pasta. The pasta is generally low in fat, so are the breadsticks. McDonald’s serves salads, Wendy’s has chilis, and Burger King offers the popular BK Veggie Burger, a healthy alternative to a regular hamburger. To break it down, the foods that are deemed as healthy and low in fat include salads, spaghetti dishes, veggie burgers, and submarine sandwiches.

Keep in mind that whenever you eat out, it is up to you to select the right foods that stand as nourishing for you. Be in charge when you take your order. Instead of a bag of french fries, ask for a baked potato. Demand to hold off the dressing if you order a salad. If you do enjoy eating fast food containing lots of fat, you can still shed the fat by exercising. A routine walk lasting for thirty minutes at least five days a week is an excellent way to lose weight. Or, simply cut back your fast-food trips and eat healthy home-cooked meals. Do whatever it takes to decrease obesity problems in various countries, especially those that are obsessed with fast food.

How often do you eat from a fast-food restaurant?

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