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Does anybody have a recipe for a quick couscous dish? Vegetarian, please!

Updated on March 26, 2011
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In trying to provoide an answer to the quck recipe for a couscous dish I would imagine that you need to make a plan of how you're are going to cook the couscous.

As a vegetarian, I would think that you need to select your choice of the vegetables you need to add to you food. The main considerartion here would be taste as well as apeal of the final product to your senses. by this I mean the sensory effects you want to achieve in terms of colour, texture and appeal to the eye.

Based on these criteria, I have suggest the following tips.

1 Wash the couscous and per boil it. This lent of time will depend on means you're using; source of heat.

2 Wash the par boiled couscous in cold water and put it in a sieve to drain. (Note that the time for par is variable and I asume that the product is half cooked)

3 Dice your choice of vegetables - coloured pepper (red, green, and yellow), carrot, onions, tomatoes. The choice is yours!

4 Put a little oil in the pot or and add your mixture of vegetables. Spice up the ingredients by adding some herbs or spices of your choice. Remeeber you need these ingredients in small amounts. You can also add some seasoning -e.g. maggi or mono sodium gltamate or a little soy sause. Basically to season the ingredients. Cook until the ingredients are ready. Don't over cook.

5 Add your par boiled couscous and mix into the fryed vegetetables and mixed the whole vigourously. Cook for a while turning from time to time. This is important so that the the food doesn't burn.

5 Stop cooking and enjoy!

Final notes:

You'll observe that in answering your question, I've deliberately not stated quantities of the materials and cooking time. You need to experiment and discover for yourself what works and what doesn,t,. To my mind that's the joy of creative cooking. Explore it!

I hope it works out for you


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    • profile image

      sharikraemer73 9 years ago

      Sounds delicious!

    • lemmyC profile image

      Ben 9 years ago from UK

      It's my pleasure! Keep in touch.

    • Sarah Marie profile image

      Sarah Marie 9 years ago from Boston, MA

      Thanks so much!