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Doubled Eggs Recipe a.k.a. Deviled Eggs

Updated on December 28, 2016

Boiled Egg Recipe, Doubled Eggs

Formerly known as deviled eggs this "doubled egg recipe" can be made with many options. Once the boiled egg is sliced in half it can now be called a "doubled egg" recipe along with the added ingredients. These boiled eggs can be made with different types of olives or mayonnaise. The doubled eggs recipe is great for Birthdays, House warming parties, Barbecues, Graduations, Mother's Day, Anniversaries, etc. Plus this easy recipe is great for kids to make for after-school lunches or other occasions. Doubled eggs can also be a quick left-over snack for the next day.

For Halloween if you want to take it further, you can color the boiled egg whites with orange food coloring. Or for Christmas Holiday you can color some boiled egg whites with red food coloring and the other egg whites with green food coloring, this gives your Holidays a festive and healthy way of eating boiled eggs.


  1. 1 Dozen of eggs (or more)
  2. Miracle Whip mayonnaise
  3. Pickle relish
  4. Parsley Flakes, seasoning salt (Mrs. Dash), black pepper
  5. Paprika
  6. (optional) Black olives or green olives with the red pimento middle

Doubled Eggs Recipe
Doubled Eggs Recipe

Start by placing the amount of eggs you want into a pot of water, put the stove fire on medium heat. Sprinkle one teaspoon of white salt into the boiling water to prevent the egg shells from sticking to the eggs when it's time to peel them. Wait for approximately 25-35 minutes for the boiled eggs to be done, once the eggs are done pour out the remaining hot water. Then run cold water into the pot to cool the eggs, begin to peel the eggs, first you may have to crack each shell just a little.

Rinse away any tiny egg shell pieces from the pot of eggs. Slice each egg down the middle by the length of the egg; avoid cutting the egg by the width (across the egg). Place the eggs on a large plate or a Doubled Egg Platter. Take the yolk out of each egg and put the yolk in a bowl.

Add 2 table spoons of Miracle Whip mayonnaise to the egg yolks, then add one teaspoon of seasoning salt, and one small sprinkle of black pepper. Now add one tablespoon of pickle relish to give the eggs a more yellow appearance. Mix the egg yolk ingredients with a fork or spoon. Here's the fun part; use a spoon to put the egg yolk mixture onto the sliced white eggs until all the egg yolk is gone. But be gentle with placing the yolk onto the sliced egg whites because the egg could break, but if it does just fix it to continue adding yolk and place the egg on the plate.

Making Doubled Eggs is a form of art work and it's attractive to the eyes. Now that the eggs are on the plate, sprinkle each egg with two fingers of Paprika to give the egg platter an artsy appeal. And you can also place a few parsley flakes on the eggs as well, to give them a more attractive look. Here we have white--egg, yellow--yolk, red--Paprika, and green--parsley, these four colors make the doubled eggs look beautiful. Also if you want, adding one olive slice onto each egg piece as an option is fine.

Doubled Egg Recipe on a Double Egg Platter
Doubled Egg Recipe on a Double Egg Platter

Nutrition Found in Eggs

Eggs contain a high volume of protein, which is good for the proper growth of hair, nails, and maintaining healthy skin. Some people think that eating eggs is not normal, but it is normal especially when God gave humans dominion over animals for our own benefit. With the nutrition found in eggs it has to be a blessing from the Heavenly Father.

Eggs have to be eaten in balance, avoid eating too many eggs, and avoid NOT eating enough eggs in your regular diet. Egg whites contain calcium that assists with strong bones and teeth. And iron is found as a nutrient in eggs which helps people that have anemia (low blood pressure), iron sends oxygen to the blood.

Remember, eat your eggs in moderation, eating 2-3 eggs a day is healthy for a regular diet. But it depends on what your eating the eggs with, such as pork products, avoid eating the pork products with eggs and then you can eat 2-3 eggs daily. Many people eat eggs with grits (hot grain cereal) as a side order, this taste good together.

Boiled egg recipes (double eggs) can be eaten on many occasions other than just Easter Holidays. If you found this article useful, kindly give it a vote below, thank you for visiting.

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    • Ann810 profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Sunny Cali

      Hi Carol, I haven't made this recipe in a while, I planning on making it on the next holiday "Thanksgiving Holiday." I hope you have a nice election nite, and thanks for commenting.

    • carol7777 profile image

      carol stanley 

      5 years ago from Arizona

      I love deviled eggs and am making them for election nite and here is the recipe..Thanks so much.


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