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Ducane Gas Grill Review

Updated on June 14, 2010

Ducane Gas Grill

Ducane has been bought by Weber, but has maintained its unique line of grills. Weber has discontinued the high-end Ducane model, called the Ducane Meridian. So if you want a top of the line, super expensive grill, then a Ducane is no longer the best option. But if you are looking at both the middle and entry level price range, Ducane has built quite a reputation for reasonable prices and good quality in the grilling category.  Don't worry about not being able to find parts and accessories for the Ducane because Weber carries everything the Ducane grills will need.

The Affinity 3100 series and the Affinity 4100 series are the names of currently sold Ducane models . The stainless steel burners can be set to a very low heat level if you want to get a very even heating. The lid is well-sealed and the burners seem to heat up at a nice speed. You start the Ducane grills with electronic ignition. A helpful note is the work surfaces are scratch-resistant. Playing with knives and other fun tools while grilling will inevitably lead to scratches and scrapes.That is why Ducane designed their surfaces just the way they did.

What is Brian's Favorite Grill?

I like the drip pan that comes with Ducane grills, and the lid is sealed nicely. You won't find much better quality for this much money if you look at a lot of other grills out there. But another grill I really like is Jenn Air Outdoor Gas Grills.

Just click on the link to read my full review. I really like the flame control feature and the built-in grill lights on the Jenn Air grills. Both the Ducane and Jenn Airs have a very clean grilling surface. This is the beauty of working with gas instead of charcoal.


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