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Duck thighs Braised delicious French-style hard sexual

Updated on April 8, 2016

From the region of Gascony from hundreds of years ago, homemade Confit de canard or Duck thighs Braised duck thigh confit, French-style is a way to preserve food. After duck Braised with salt and dried spices from two to three days can take months. Now a traditional cuisine of this French presence in all the menus of the Bistro-style restaurant around the world.


-6 duck thigh

-Salt, pepper, five spice, anise, Rosemary, Lemongrass

-Small potatoes

-Duck Fat (lard) or use olive oil

How to do:

Step 1: first day, in the evening

Rub salt, pepper, whole spice to all then thighs marinated in the fridge for 12 hours.

Step 2: the second Day, in the morning (after 12-hour unit)

Preheat the oven at a temperature of 250 degrees Fahrenheit before. Retrieved the Duck thighs out, remove the excess fluid to flow from the duck, then duck into the baking tray stacking. Add all the ingredients such as potatoes, carrots to the pan.

-Pour the oil onto the Duck thighs. Pour the tattoos make arrangements to face the meat. Wrap the aluminum foil up the tray and then into the oven for at least 8 hours. The meat remains the same shape but when you use the plate touches the meat, will soften and melt in the mouth like chocolate.

When you have finished cooking, you can leave the entire tray of duck confit are submerged in oil outside the room temperature without the need for preservation in the refrigerator. Because the Duck thighs submerged oil will be protected from bacteria and will not affected the quality of food in the long run. But if you fear not guaranteed, may be for the entire input tray in the refrigerator to preserve.

Step 3: on Tuesday, enjoy

If you have moved into the refrigerator to preserve then the enjoy, you heat the oven at 300 degrees F for the thighs and then duck into to warm up for 30 minutes before eating.

If you've separated out the Fat Duck soaking it, you can use a medium pan with a little olive oil and then duck into the thigh, Duck thighs Preheat for 5 minutes. This way you will make the skin crispy flavor of the thigh. But to do otherwise gentle duck thigh meat will fall off the bone.

Enjoy the duck confit with roasted potatoes carrots.


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