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EGGKNOWLEDGE, Everything You Want To Know About Eggs.

Updated on July 11, 2013

All About Eggs

Egg Facts And Information

Gently Does It

You should never pour raw eggs or egg yolks into any hot mixture. If you need to add them, add them gradually for the best results. Adding the eggs to quickly will cause the eggs to curdle.


In 2008 American's consumed over 6.8 million dozen eggs and another 2.1 million dozen were used in products, especially baked goods. These figures amount to about 229 eggs per person annually consumed either as prepared eggs or in other products.

Miscellaneous Egg Facts

1. Egg Whites contain more than 1/2 the protein of the egg and only 25 percent of the calories.

2. When frying an egg try dusting in a very small amount of flour to prevent splattering.

3. White or Brown Eggs are exactly the same in nutritional value and calories. So its not true that brown eggs are more healthy.

4. For the best scrambled eggs you need to cook them in a hot pan with either butter or vegetable cooking spray in the pan before you start cooking your eggs.

5. Your eggs will fry and cook much better if you remove them from the refrigerator and allow them to come up to room temperature before you cook them.

6. The fresher the eggs the easier it will be to poach them. Try keeping a aluminum ladle around to poach your eggs in. Spray it with pam and dip it into the boiling water to poach your eggs and keep them together.

7. If you enjoy omelets consider buying a flat grill to make your omelets on. You can buy one of the small flat top grills and use it to make great omelets.

8. Fresh eggs will sink to the bottom if you place them in water. Bad eggs or eggs that may not be as good will float in the water. You really shouldn't use eggs that float.

9. China produces the most eggs with about 160 billion per year. The United States has about 280 million hens and produces 65 billion eggs per year. The average hen will produce 250 eggs per year.

10. Eggs are highly nutritious and contain just about every mineral or vitamin you need with the exception of Vitamin C. The yolks of eggs contain Vitamin D. Eggs are good for your eyes because they contain lutein which helps to prevent cataracts. Eggs contain more lutein than even spinach. So yes eggs are really healthy for you.

11. Did you know that most eggs are laid by hens between 7 AM and 11 AM.

12. As a hen gets older the size of eggs she produces increases. Most of your larger eggs come from older hens.

13. Nobody really knows when the very first fowl were domesticated. Though records show that the date may be as early as 3200 BC.

14. Sometimes a hen will produce a double yolk egg. Occasinly a young hen will produce a egg with no yolk at all.

All You Ever Wanted To Know About Eggs And Then Some

The Egg is still one of the best and most complete sources of protein, regardless of the negative publicity it has received. Most of the publicity revolves around cholesterol and the high levels found in the egg yolk.

New major recent studies have shown that consuming egg yolks do not appreciably elevate blood cholesterol levels. One of these studies shows that lecithin found naturally in eggs may help the body clear the cholesterol from the body.

The Lifetime Of A Egg

The refrigerator shelf life of an egg is approximately 2-4 weeks depending on storage methods. Always store eggs in a closed container or the original container they came in for the longer life and to prevent the eggs from absorbing refrigerator odors. If they are stored with the large end up they will last longer and the yolk will stay centered.

Heart Shaped Eggs

To serve the family something differnt try cooking fried eggs in cookie cutters in differnt shapes. Just place the cookie cutter into the pan and break the egg into the cookie cutter. Be sure to spray the cookie cutters with Pam to make it easier to remove the eggs. Your family or friends will wonder how you did that when they are served the eggs in a unique shape. Just be sure to spray the cookie cutter with a good quality vegetable cooking spray before you break the egg into the cookie cutter.

Mixing It Up

When preparing scrambled eggs allow 3 eggs per person. Most people will tend to eat more eggs when they are scrambled. If other ingredients are added such as cheese or vegetables then 2 eggs per person should be sufficient.

Your pan needs to be hot before you pour the scrambled eggs into the pan. The pan must be hot or your eggs will stick to the pan and the pan will be hard to clean. I use Pam vegetable cooking spray in all my egg pans and almost never have a problem with eggs sticking.

As a working chef I used my egg pans to cook eggs cooked to order on a regular basis and I almost never had a problem with my eggs sticking to the pan or pans I was cooking them in. As soon as I got a order of eggs cooked I would wipe my pan clean with a paper towel and then I would give it a brief spray with vegetable cooking spray. And I mean just a brief spray. If you'll do your egg pans at home this way you'll never have a problem with your eggs sticking.

There Is No Differnce Between Brown Eggs And White Eggs

Contrary to what you may have been taught there is no differnce between a brown egg and a white egg. Both eggs will have the same nutritional value. So no you don't have to pay for the brown eggs to get a better egg. Here is where its important to read labels. A lot of people don't read labels and they should.

The color of a egg yolk is determined by the diet of the hen. The more orange and yellow colored foods that a hen is fed the more brightly colored the yolk of the egg will be.

Perfect Poached Egg

Hard Boiled Facts

You can prevent boiled eggs from cracking by rubbing a cut lemon on the shell before cooking. Boiled eggs should be cooled at room temperature before refrigerating them in a open bowl. To make the eggs easier to peel, just add a small amount of salt to the water to toughen the shell, then rinse immediatly in cold water.

Vinegar Will Keep Eggs From Breaking While Cooking

Another trick is to add a teaspoon of white vinegar to the water the eggs are being boiled in. this will prevent cracking. The vinegar tends to soften the shell allowing more expansion. However they may not be as easy to peel. To remove the shell from a hard boiled egg, roll it around on the counter with gentle preasure. The shell should slip right off.

Always Let Your Eggs Cool After You Remove The Shells

Always cool a hard boiled egg before you attempt to slice it. It will slice easier and won't fall apart. Hard boiled eggs will last in the refrigerator for a week.

Eggs will clean off utensils much easier with cold water. Hot water causes the eggs to harden to the utensil you are trying to clean.

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