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Enjoyable African Cusine

Updated on March 11, 2016


In a world where human ingenuity has made processed foods quickly, cheaply and easily available a large part of the world has fallen into this trend of consuming foods that aren’t as healthy and nutritious as they once were. When lifestyle diseases were just harmless whispers in the wind. For eating is not only a basic human need but also a fun experience that one enjoys alone or with friends and family

In Africa though this trend is slowly catching on healthy delicious traditional foods are the corner stone of the society. Though we are slowly drifting away from our heritage it’ll be a long time till we forget our mouth watering, fingering licking delicacies that have been passed down since time in Maya Angelou once said “eating is so intimate. It’s very sensual. When you invite someone to sit at your table and you want to cook for them, you’re inviting a person into your life

Hence here are just a few reasons why you should seek out these ingredients out to better your own personal with hunger and curiosity guiding you through:

  1. Its Tasty-not only does it send your taste buds into a high inducing frenzy but its also an experience one really looks forward to when it’s time to satisfy ones hunger pangs. There a lot of diversity hence every new dish you prepare is refreshing and pleasing experience. Each part of Africa has a unique and form of preparing simple and easily available foods.

  2. Nutritional value-from vegetables, succulent fruits, high protein legumes ,tasty organic meat to dairy products all these supply your body with all the essential nutrients.Amazingly some are medicinal, you get all the compact nutrients and at the same time you look forward to dinning in style .in the past there were hardly any cases of obesity and lifestyle disease hence adapting this diet is both beneficial but also enjoyable to all

  3. Global diversity- food is our common ground, a universal experience(James beard).though majority of the foods were introduced by past foreign colonizers with time certain foods have been perfected and diversified through the sheer resourceful will power of a hungry man and his powerful imagination

  4. Quick access to ingredients-the increase in global trade and production has made majority of food stuffs available in almost every corner of the globe. From you tube, cooking shows,easy to follow web based tutorials one can find it all . you can easily get new recipes whenever you want. shopping center’s lack hardly any foodstuff so why can’t you buy a few new recipe and give it a try

  5. Curiosity and a sense of adventure-tourists who visit new and exotic places enjoy African cuisine for they don’t hold themselves back by depraving themselves of great finger licking the next time you visit ant part of a new African country treat yourself to a new dish for life is about learning and enjoying new experiences

  6. Easy to prepare- with the increased development of modern methods of food preparation anyone can make such cuisines and satisfy ones hunger pangs before you even notice them as result one enjoys well prepared food without sacrificing a large part of your precious time.

    Take the first step to learn new cooking techniques and not only bringing diversity to your kitchen but also explore the global heritage we have been blessed.



© 2016 Mark Peter


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