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Stove Top Food Dehydrator | Reproduction Corn Drying Pan

Updated on November 9, 2012
Reproduction Corn Drying Pan- Stove Top Food Dehydrator.
Reproduction Corn Drying Pan- Stove Top Food Dehydrator.
Heavy duty made of 22 gas 304 USA Stainless Steel.
Heavy duty made of 22 gas 304 USA Stainless Steel.
Pan has a water reservoir to hold near 2 gals of water.  The water maintains even heat without scorching.
Pan has a water reservoir to hold near 2 gals of water. The water maintains even heat without scorching.
Available as a two burner model, larger sizes can be custom made.
Available as a two burner model, larger sizes can be custom made.

Another Old Fashioned Reproduction Product from CCW!

These water filled pans were called “Corn Drying Pans.” They are believed to have possibly originated in Europe may be in Germany and then brought over with immigrants.

They were apparently then re-manufactured here in the USA in small local metal working shops. This conclusion was determined by the few that are still in existence all appear to be have been made a bit different and in different sizes. Thus a product, that would not likely have been made in one factory.

They all do have the common water fill corner with a beveled ridge to keep the water from spilling out on to the pan surface when filling or refilling during the drying process. This would leave one to believe that perhaps plans or a drawing was once available.

While they were popular in drying corn, they were also widely used to dry other vegetables, fruits, grains, and meats.

Some of the original drying pans are still being used in the German influenced Amish Communities and in other areas where people are still lucky to have one in usable condition.

They were originally designed even before home canning was developed as the only method then to preserve a food harvest for the winter by drying, which is now called dehydrating.

They were also originally used on wood cooking and heating stoves. Those who are using them today also use them on regular gas and electric stoves as well as outdoor barbecues.

A reproduction of this drying pan is now available online at Cottage Craft Works .com It is totally an exclusive product being made for them by the Amish.

Cottage Craft Works .com is a unique online store with some very hard to find products. This back to basic company specializes in finding old fashioned nostalgic products that were used in our history and reproduces them for today’s market.

The company strives to keep the heavy duty American made quality of the original product but improved with new materials and manufacturing technology.

The original pans were made from galvanized and soldered sheet metal. Solder used on old cooking appliances probably contains lead. The new reproduction model is made entirely from heavy gauge welded stainless steel.

Whether you live off the grid now with limited sun exposure for adequate drying, or are using an oven to dry vegetables, fruits, spices, or jerky, this pan with its water filled reservoir will provide a more consistent heat without scorching the food.

The stove top working position also provides easier access to watch the drying process and to occasionally stir items being dried in the pan.

As people are learning the benefits of sprouted grains and nuts, this drying pan will likely become once again a very popular dehydrating option.

You can purchase the EZ-Stove Top Food Dehydrator at Cottage Craft Works .com



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