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Easiest Pumpkin Cake/Loaf EVER!

Updated on July 1, 2011

I recently had shoulder surgery, which has left me with only one usable hand. What does this mean for me? No cooking or baking, right? WRONG!

I really wanted to bake today, so began digging through my pantry in search of something, anything, I could bake. I had about 10 boxes of cake mixes of assorted variety, because when things are on a good sale you buy a ton, right? However, I cannot crack eggs or measure very well, with my non-dominant hand; plus, hello lot's of dishes involved with that plan, which is also difficult one-handed. So I kept digging and I found a can of pumpkin puree in the back of my pantry today, left over from Thanksgiving, I assume. This got me to thinking of the "healthy" substitutions for butter, oil and the like.

So, I dumped a bag of yellow cake mix in a bowl, plopped the can on pumpkin puree over the top, and mixed away. It was very thick, but smelled (and tasted) yummy. Though it was a bit... bland. Or boring. So I figured chocolate makes everything better, right, so I dumped in some chocolate chips (guess-timated about a cup). I mixed that together, and plopped the mixture into a loaf pan, turned the oven to 350, and put my loaf in the oven. I check the progress at 30 minutes and removed it from the oven at 40 minutes and let it cool overnight.

The result? Delicious chocolate chip pumpkin loaf for breakfast. The bonus? Clean up was one bowl, one large spoon and, in a few days, a loaf pan.

Try it, it will delight you!!


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