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Easily Germinate Wheat

Updated on June 19, 2013

Germinating Wheat is Easy!

Germinating wheat seeds is a relatively simple process. You just soak your seeds in some water for a little while, drain the water, and rinse the seeds once or twice a day for a few days. Now you should have germinated seeds ready for planting.

Steps to Take

The first thing you need to do is get some wheat seeds. You can either go to a store locally or buy them online. Next you'll need to get a container, such as a mason jar, and place your seeds inside.

After you place your wheat seeds in the container, you'll need to pour some water into your container and let the seeds soak for about 8 to 12 hours, making sure the seeds are all covered with water.

Now that your seeds have been soaked with water, drain the water using some cloth or whatever you can find to use as a clean filter so the water is emptied and the seeds remain inside the container. It's okay to leave a little water, just as long as the wheat seeds aren't completely submerged, you wouldn't want to drown the seeds.

From this point, don't allow the seeds to be fully covered in water for more than a few minutes. Let the seeds sit in a warm dark place for about 12 hours and then pour some more water in the container, moving it around in circles, making sure all the seeds are getting some water on them and drain them again.

Keep repeating this last step until you start to see roots coming out of the seeds. It's probably best to wait until the roots are nearly a centimeter in length before planting. In my experience, from the time I start trying to germinate, to the time I plant is almost 3 or 4 days.

Some people use a damp paper towel to germinate their seeds, but I think this method is easier and it's easier to monitor the progress. Sometimes germinating wheat seeds can take more time or less. It really depends on how fast the seeds absorb the water.

If the seeds don't show any signs of growth within 6 or 7 days, they're probably damaged seeds and won't ever grow.


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