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Eastern Europe Specialty: Step by step - Make "Musaka". The meal made of mix two civilizations influences

Updated on May 28, 2012
The meat mixture, that is cooking on the fire. It looks delicious, don't it?
The meat mixture, that is cooking on the fire. It looks delicious, don't it? | Source

Language that everyone understand and background

Food. It has been always the "third language" of the people. It is the language that everyone understand. Every single culture has a different kind of vegetables, meat, and spices as ingredients for making a meal. Today, I represent You, one of the most delicious lunch meals - from popular "Eastern Europe" kitchen.

"Musaka", is actually an Turkish meal - but it is widely made and cooked in Serbia. Turk culture, actually "Ottoman civilization", made an huge impact on whole Serbian culture,in general.How come that? - Well, their occupation of Balkan,back in history, for V centuries (500 years) made our cultures very similar, in a meaning of music and "kitchen". There are huge differences, of course, especially in a meaning of religion. Serbs are Christians, Orthodox Church, and Turks (Ottomans, back then) are-were Muslims. Not to go too far, just in a meaning of influence explanation, we are coming back: MAKING OF "MUSAKA".

For making "musaka" you need:

The ingredients for this, delightful FAMILY (5 member) lunch meal, are:

  1. Potatoes x 4-5, medium size (arround 400g)
  2. minced meat x (800g-1kg)
  3. little bit of carrots, chopped x 3
  4. chopped (green) vegetable x 3 small shrubs, slightly chopped on small pieces
  5. spice bag (the mixed spice bag, with dry small-chopped parts of different kinds of vegetables) x 1 of 50g.
  6. onion(chopped well) x 1
  7. Pepper
  8. Cayenne pepper



Now, first, take your brass/pan ( made from fireproof glass or porcelain ). Put it on Your table.Make sure that you have enough space for doing stuff, and make sure that you (if You're cooking on electric stove ) turn the stove adjuster on maximum to heat until You're done with next... After You've put the brass/pan on Your table, put a little bit of sunflowers oil in it. Just few drops on it, so you could spread it all over it - so that-wise Your potatoes, on bottom, won't be over burned. After you spread the oil, with hands or "kitchen brush", put in onside.... Now, take your potatoes, wash them and peel. After that, cut them in medium-thin round pieces, and start to put them on the oiled brass.On pictures, and video, You will see the order/way of putting potatoes, all together, in a brass. Now, notice, in this step you need only to put ONE layer of potato, to pre-oiled brass. Now, take your minced meal and put it in medium deep dish that can hold the meet and other ingredients(I'll tell You what and how) together and at the same time can be comfy for frying.(not too much frying tho).

Now, you have one layer of sliced potatoes in your little bit oiled brass, and unpacked minced meal in medium deep size dish with medium height - height is important, because it should be comfortable for little bit frying of the spiced meat.

Preparing the meat. In the containing dish, with minced meat, put a little bit of pepper. Take one "soup" spoon of it, and spread it all over the minced meat. Take one onion, and chop it on small pieces and place it in the same bowl(dish) where your peppered minced meat is. Now, add some salt, but actually instead of salt, the "spice bag" (within dried vegetables and salt included - yellow kind of dusty stuff in it). Now, wash Your hands well, and with Your hands - mix these things together... mix, ie. knead dough as.

The way how the potato, first layer, should look like this. Now, the meat mixture should go on to it, then layer of potato again, then mixture, than potato again.
The way how the potato, first layer, should look like this. Now, the meat mixture should go on to it, then layer of potato again, then mixture, than potato again. | Source

Oiled and spiced!

In your "mix" with minced meat - now, you can add tiny sliced other vegetables like carrot(s), and green.Make sure that you really chop them properly, because these vegetables need to cook a little bit more than any other. Now you have everything you need to start cooking,frying and baking in the oven.

Now, put a little bit oil and cayenne pepper (like two soup spoons) in the "meat mix", and once again mix it with hands toughly. After that, put the same bowl, where your meat is - on fire, or electricity, burner.
On picture below, You'll see - on left side how the potato should be placed, and how should your meat mix be placed on burner.

Cooking of mixture,in progress. While it is, the mixture, on fire you prepare tomato...1st layer.
Cooking of mixture,in progress. While it is, the mixture, on fire you prepare tomato...1st layer. | Source

DON'T FORGET, TO PUT WATER WHILE YOUR COOKING THE "MEAT MIX". Add as much water as you need, BUT don't put too much - just enough to cover all things in it, so everything could be cooked right but in same time cooked in their own sauce.


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    • lafamillia profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Soutcentral Europe

      @Gold and Diamond

      We're also offering a great meals, and if You're interested into doing business, contact :))))

    • dinkan53 profile image


      7 years ago from India

      Just wonderful! Mouth-watering food... Great way of presenting the recipe with step by step explanation and video. I know It is moussaka and in Serbia it is called Musaka..


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