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Easy Baked Chicken & BBQ Baked Chicken Recipes

Updated on March 17, 2011

Chicken is a great universal food in dinner recipes! Fried chicken is basically an American tradition, along with apple pie and watermelon!  Almost everyone likes chicken – baked chicken, fried chicken, barbecued chicken, roasted chicken – and it can be very easy to fix. There are all kinds of complicated recipes available, which I’m sure taste great, but take time, effort, and a lot of ingredients to make. My goal in cooking is to find an easy recipe that will let me fix a good-tasting meal with the minimum time and effort involved and do so at a low cost. One of the easiest ways to fix chicken is baked chicken. Of course, any chicken has to be cooked long enough to be safe, but that isn't hard.  There are many great baked chicken recipes and here are two very easy but very good ones.

Good-looking Baked Chicken!
Good-looking Baked Chicken! | Source

The easiest way to fix good baked chicken is by using boneless chicken breasts, but any chicken will work.  Skin and wash the chicken if necessary and put it in a baking dish.  Generously sprinkle lemon pepper and red pepper flakes (going a little easier on the red pepper unless you like it really hot) on both sides of the chicken.  Cover the pan with foil to hold in the juices and put it in the oven.  If you forget to cover the pan, the chicken dries out too much and is not nearly as good!  Set the temperature at 400 for about an hour.  Test with a fork and put the chicken back for a few minutes if necessary.  This makes a very tasty and moist chicken!

 The other easy recipe is for barbecue baked chicken (or bbq baked chicken, if you prefer).  Follow the other recipe except add your favorite barbecue sauce instead of the lemon pepper and red pepper flakes.  Remember again to cover the pan and bake at around 400 degrees.  The chicken should be white and able to be easily pierced with a fork when done. 

If you need something quick and easy for dinner, try this baked chicken! If you use boneless chicken, there really isn’t any work to it, but putting it into the oven. Great food and easy, what could be better!



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    • Tim_511 profile image

      Tim_511 6 years ago from Huntington, WV

      Thanks, esatchel!

      Anna, that is a good idea - I hadn't thought about it!

    • Anna Evanswood profile image

      Anna Evanswood 6 years ago from Malaysia

      take the foil off for the last 10 minutes to brown the chicken.

    • esatchel profile image

      PDGreenwell 6 years ago from Kentucky

      Will give these a try. Looks like tasty chicken.