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Easy Grilled Buffalo Chicken Wings

Updated on January 13, 2013

How many times have you wanted Buffalo wings but didn't want to deal with grease splatter and disposal ? It's time to think outside the box and try Easy Grilled Buffalo Wings. First, select a sauce with a lot of flavor for the marinade. My personal favorite is Lawry's Buffalo BBQ Sauce. I like to begin marinating the wings in the morning so that they have all day for the marinade to work it's magic. When it's time to grill, I like to cook the wings over indirect heat and then finish over direct heat. This creates a nice spicy wing that has just the right amount of char. To start, when the coals are ready, push them to one side (direct) and put a drip pan (indirect) on the other. Place a small layer of water in the pan. This will prevent any dripping fat from splashing and hitting the hot coals and creating a flare up. Make sure you have a high heat on the direct side. To test this, hold your hand about 5 inches above the grill grate. When you can keep it there for 3 seconds, you are ready to grill. Place the wings on the indirect side and grill covered for 15 minutes,flip and repeat.

To get the right amount of char and crispness to the skin, I like to finish them over direct heat. Move the wings over the coals and grill covered for 1 1/2 minutes,flip and repeat.

At this point, you will have perfectly grilled Buffalo BBQ wings.Pull them off the grill and prepare for a spicy taste treat !


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    • The Midwest Man profile image

      The Midwest Man 6 years ago

      These look great man. I do a similar style using Frank's Hot Sauce or Frank's Buffalo Hot -- they turn out great.