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Easy Chocolate Chip Pancakes -- Quick Decadent and Sinfully Delicious

Updated on May 3, 2017
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C.E. Clark began cooking at age 11. Over the years, she developed a love for creating her own recipes. This is one of her most popular.

The History of My Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Here it is! The recipe I promised in my previous article, “Is There Such a Thing as Living Too Healthfully?” Chocolate chip pancakes to die for!

It was several years ago that I discovered chocolate chip waffles on a winter vacation trip my husband and I were taking from Wisconsin to Florida. I was in a restaurant somewhere in southern Tennessee.

At the time, I had never heard of chocolate chips on waffles, or pancakes, or any such things. Being a chocoholic, when I spied chocolate chip waffles on the menu, I had to try them. They were so yummy, that when I got home from our trip, I determined to make some myself. Who knew when I might make another trip through Tennessee?

Having searched everywhere for the recipe with no success, I decided to try concocting my own version of chocolate chip pancakes. It seemed to me that all the restaurant had done was to sprinkle some chocolate chips over plain buttermilk waffles and add whipped cream with syrup on the side. I decided I could probably wing it.

Lots of chocolate lovers have shared these pancakes with me over the years, and a few youngsters have become chocolate pancake lovers as a result of my introducing them to this quick, easy treat.

I apologize that my cell phone does not take better photos. I even manipulated the photos with my photo program (not Photoshop), and they improved, but still are not as pretty as the main photo I borrowed from jumbledpile. I guarantee your finished pancakes will look better than my cell phone depicts, and once you taste them, your life will never be the same again!

While I have made my own pancakes from scratch many times in the past (I didn’t grind the flour, but from that step forward), for this recipe I took the lazy woman’s approach. Since most of us are super busy these days and do not have a lot of time to spend in the kitchen, I think this is a great way to have a delicious decadent treat with little time invested.

Chocolate chip pancakes
Chocolate chip pancakes | Source

What You Will Need

One of the many nice things about this recipe is that you probably have most of the ingredients already on hand.

1 – package of prepared microwavable buttermilk pancakes found in your grocer’s frozen foods department. The package usually includes 4 servings of 3 pancakes.

1 to 1 ½ cups of your favorite maple syrup for each serving of pancakes.

½ Cup of your favorite brand of mini chocolate chips for each serving of pancakes (you may want just a few more than ½ cup, but not much more, because this recipe is extremely rich).

1-package of your favorite prepared whipped cream -- or ice cream (this is my favorite). Your favorite vanilla ice cream, chocolate chip ice cream, or similar, will work perfectly.

You will also need a microwave oven, a microwavable bowl, and a spoon.

This is a picture of pancakes sprinkled with mini chocolate chips and covered in maple syrup just before going into the microwave.
This is a picture of pancakes sprinkled with mini chocolate chips and covered in maple syrup just before going into the microwave. | Source
This is a picture of the pancakes after being microwaved and just before mushing the mini chocolate chips around to make them more like frosting.
This is a picture of the pancakes after being microwaved and just before mushing the mini chocolate chips around to make them more like frosting. | Source
Here are the pancakes ready to eat!
Here are the pancakes ready to eat! | Source

Preparation -- About 5 Minutes

* Remove 1 package of 3 pancakes from the larger package of frozen pancakes. Return the package of pancakes you will not be using to the freezer.

* Remove the 3 pancakes from their wrapper, separate them from each other, and arrange them in the bowl. If you do not have a large bowl like the one pictured here, a large cereal bowl works even better (IMHO). You need to use a bowl rather than a plate to avoid having the syrup and/or melted ice cream run over. It is OK to leave the pancakes in a stack if the bowl is too small to spread them out.

* Sprinkle the mini chocolate chips over and/or between your pancakes.

* Carefully pour the maple syrup over the pancakes, displacing as little as possible the chocolate chips sprinkled on the pancakes.

* Place the bowl of pancakes with chocolate chips and maple syrup in the microwave and nuke on high for 1 minute. This may vary by a few seconds depending on your microwave, but the pancakes should be thawed and warm, and the mini chips considerably softened.

* If you are using the smaller bowl with the pancakes in a stack, you may need to microwave another 20 seconds or so to make sure all pancakes are thawed and warm. Do not over microwave – the pancakes will become hard and tough.

* Use a spoon to mush the mini chocolate chips around on the tops of the pancakes. This will be easy if you have microwaved them enough to soften the chocolate chips -- without over microwaving, which will cause the pancakes to become hard and/or tough. IF you are using a smaller bowl that requires the pancakes to be in a stack, lift the pancakes gently apart and smear the chocolate chips around, starting with the top pancake, so they are more like a frosting. Do not be concerned with mushing every single chocolate chip. Just get most of the ones on the tops of the pancakes.

* Once the chocolate chips are mushed slightly, add 2-3 scoops of your favorite vanilla ice cream. I don’t own an ice cream scoop, so I use a strong soup or serving spoon.

* Spoon some of the maple syrup and melted chocolate chips over the ice cream if desired, and dig in while they’re still warm.

For Children or People of Any Age Who Do Not Handle Rich Foods Well

Separate the pancakes and place just one pancake in a small cereal sized bowl. Do this for as many people as prefer the smaller serving. Follow the same steps in preparing and microwaving the pancake, except that 30-40 seconds in the microwave may be long enough for a single pancake prepared as directed in this recipe. Experiment with your microwave to see what works best.

Microwaving for too long will make the pancakes hard and/or tough. Even just 3-5 seconds too long can make the edges of some foods, not just these pancakes, hard or tough.

I have not tried this method with waffles, but I am about to. I purchased frozen waffles the last time I went grocery shopping, because there were no frozen pancakes available. My favorite brand for pancakes is Pillsbury, but I have been using Wal-Mart’s store brand and they are satisfactory, though the quality does not seem quite as superb as Pillsbury’s.

This is a great recipe for a snack, and tolerable for breakfast if accompanied by some nutritious side elements such as fresh strawberries, canned pear halves, or eggs prepared your favorite way. Whatever you enjoy with chocolate!


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