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Easy Crock Pot Chili Recipe

Updated on October 8, 2014

Chili beans are a very versatile recipe and not many will turn their nose up at the smell of a good bowl of chili! Making large batches, even when you're not trying to feed many, can save you time in the future. Refrigerate or freeze leftovers and use them to make chili dogs, frito boats and more. This crock pot chili bean recipe is also great for parties because it makes such a large quantity and takes very little time to get started in your slow cooker.

Cook Time

Prep time: 30 min
Cook time: 6 hours
Ready in: 6 hours 30 min
Yields: Serves 6-8


  • 1 Lb Lean Beef or Turkey, Ground
  • 1 Can Dark Red Kidney Beans, Drained & Rinsed
  • 1 Can Light Red Kidney Beans, Drained & Rinsed
  • 2 Cans Chili Beans in Sauce
  • 2 Medium or 1 Large Can Tomato Sauce
  • 1 Small Can Tomato Paste
  • Water
  • Chili Powder
  • Garlic Powder
  • Onion Powder
  • Cumin
  • Paprika
  • Cayenne
  • Dried Chili Flakes


  1. Start by browning your ground beef or turkey in a skillet on medium high. When ground beef or turkey is halfway through cooking add small amounts (about a tsp) of chili powder, garlic powder, onion powder and cumin. Finish browning meat with added spices, then drain excess fats. After draining your meat transfer it to a medium to large crock pot.
  2. Open all cans of kidney beans and tomato products first. Drain and rinse your kidney beans and add them to the crock pot. Next, add the chilli beans and tomato sauce and paste. Fill the small tomato paste can with water twice and add it to the crock pot. Mix all ingredients with a large spoon and turn the crock pot on low. The spices are not an exact science, and it may take you a few pots to figure out which flavors you want more of and need less of. In general you can use a 1/2-1 full TBSP of chili powder and about half a tablespoon of all other spices.
  3. Continue cooking on low for at least 6 hours, stirring occasionally and adding additional spices if wanted. After six hours, it's time for a taste test. If the kidney beans are fully cooked, turn the crock pot off and let sit about 30 minutes to thicken. If the tomato flavors are too strong, add more water and chili powder a little bit at a time until your satisfied. Once the sauce has thickened, your ready to serve. Don't forget the shredded cheese to top it off; a Mexican blend or cheddar jack both work really well. You can also top it with things like sour cream, sliced jalapenos and chopped onions.

Save the tin cans that your tomato products and beans came in and you can up-cycle them into pencil holders for your home office!

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    • diydiva profile image

      Kay Mitchell 6 years ago from California

      Wilderness, be sure to let me know how it turns out. Bacon, chicken alfredo is on the menu for tonight so be sure to look for the Hub on it Tomorrow :)

    • wilderness profile image

      Dan Harmon 6 years ago from Boise, Idaho

      I both love chili and cooking in a crock pot. This sounds great and will be on the menu this month. Thanks!

    • diydiva profile image

      Kay Mitchell 6 years ago from California

      Danette Watt- Thank you for reading! You should share your Dallas Beans recipe.

      Anglnwu- Thank you for reading! I too try different recipes but this ones my go to.

    • anglnwu profile image

      anglnwu 6 years ago

      I make chili from time to time and it's always interesting to see how others make it. Yours seem simple and I'm sure is yummy. Rated up.

    • Danette Watt profile image

      Danette Watt 6 years ago from Illinois

      It's almost chili weather out here in Illinois. But I don't make mine in a crockpot, I use a Dutch oven. I do make an awesome recipe called Dallas Beans in my crock pot. It included in a hub I wrote, Weekday meals that say you money and time. In fact, I just bought the meat at the commissary last week so I'll be making it sometime this month.

      Nice hub