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Easy Gluten-Free Penne Pasta With Tuna Recipe

Updated on April 12, 2020
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Easy gluten free penne pasta with tuna recipe

Gluten-Free Pasta With Tuna
Gluten-Free Pasta With Tuna

Easy Gluten-Free Penne Pasta With Tuna Recipe

  • Gluten-free foods and recipes are becoming more and more common as increasing numbers of people realize they have gluten sensitivities.
  • Additionally, there are many people out there who are not necessarily gluten-intolerant but who wish to try this diet because they believe it will benefit their health.
  • If you are in either of these two categories, then perhaps you will enjoy this recipe for gluten-free penne pasta with tuna fish.
  • It is rich, creamy, and delicious.

Not long ago, I came up with this recipe and served it to my kids as well as to a group of their friends. Everyone loved it, and I was so glad.

At supermarkets such as Aldi, you can readily find gluten-free pasta. The brand I like to buy is called liveGfree. Penne is the type/shape of pasta that I selected to make this easy recipe.

Ingredients for making gluten-free penne pasta with tuna

  • 5 whole hard-boiled eggs, peeled and diced
  • Gluten-free penne pasta, cooked
  • 100% real mayonnaise (I recommend using a really good-tasting brand of mayonnaise, such as Hellman’s)
  • Mustard
  • Black pepper
  • 3 cans tuna fish, in water

Instructions for how to make gluten-free penne pasta with tuna, creamy and delicious

  1. First boil five large fresh eggs in boiling water in a large cooking pot on the stove top, until the eggs are hard-boiled.
  2. Rinse the hard-boiled eggs in cold water to quicken the cooling process.
  3. Peel the fully cooled eggs, discard the egg shells, and chop the eggs up into small pieces.
  4. Set the egg pieces aside on a plate that is preferably a disposable plate, for easy cleanup.
  5. In a large cooking pot, cook the penne pasta in boiling water, according to directions on the package.
  6. Drain the pasta and allow it to cool a bit.
  7. Add the chopped-up hard-boiled egg pieces to the cooked pasta.
  8. Use a can opener to open the three cans of tuna fish. Drain the cans. (Canned tuna fish is often packed in tuna or oil. Purchasing tuna in water is fine for this recipe and when draining the excess water from the can, the water can simply go down the kitchen sink. If canned tuna fish packed in oil is what you have on hand, you can go ahead and drain that as well but be sure to drain the oil into the kitchen trash can as opposed to the kitchen sink.)
  9. Add the contents of all three cans of drained tuna fish to the pot with the cooked penne pasta and the chopped-up hard-boiled egg pieces.
  10. Now, add a generous amount of the 100% real mayonnaise to the pot. (I would say at least 3 tablespoons, perhaps more if you desire for a wonderfully creamy dish.)
  11. Add two teaspoons of yellow mustard and 1 teaspoon of black pepper.
  12. Stir everything very well together. Optionally, you can add a dash of salt as well.

Photo Guide

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The package of penne pasta, 3 cans of tuna fish, mayo, mustard and black pepper are pictured here.
The package of penne pasta, 3 cans of tuna fish, mayo, mustard and black pepper are pictured here.
The package of penne pasta, 3 cans of tuna fish, mayo, mustard and black pepper are pictured here.

Serve the gluten-free penne pasta with tuna and enjoy!

  • This gluten-free penne pasta with tuna is a dish that is served very well cold or at room temperature.
  • You can cover the pot and place it in the refrigerator to chill for a while (at least 15 minutes) or eat some of the pasta with tuna dish right away and save the leftovers in the refrigerator.
  • This gluten free penne pasta with tuna is a dish that tastes very good when cold. Of course, it is your choice if you would like to have it as a cold pasta dish or not.

These are all of the steps for how to make this gluten-free penne pasta with tuna. So simple. Enjoy this gluten-free penne pasta with tuna dish! Family and friends will love this meal. It can be made for lunch or dinner guests. This gluten free penne dish is an example of cooking with simple recipe ingredients that I had on hand, and thank goodness this recipe was enjoyed very much by everyone that I served the food to.

We had some “spur of the moment” guests, and the kids were hungry! The ingredients in this dish are very complementary. Won’t you give it a try? You will enjoy it.

Leftovers won’t last for too long, maintaining the delicious and fresh taste. It is recommended that you eat this dish within two days.

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