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How to Make Turkey Sloppy Joes with Baked Beans Recipe recepi

Updated on November 25, 2011

Ground turkey is wonderful healthy (not to mention CHEAP!) substitute for beef on many easy homemade meals from Hamburger Helper to Sloppy Joes. One of my kids favorite quick meal is sloppy joes with baked beans and yesterday I did those from turkey roll instead of beef.

I start by browning the turkey, I use about a tablespoon of olive oil in the proces just because turkey is way leaner than beef. Now you can add chopped onions or peppers or both to the turkey if desired to cook them soft with turkey. You can skip this step, totally up to you.

No draining is needed once turkey is browned, just add your store bought sloppy joe or Manwich mix to the skillet and mix it up. Or make your own from tomato paste and spices, again very versatile options. After dumping the sloppy joe mix in I add baked beans right away. Bacon and honey beans work very well in the sloppy joes, depending of the servings you need add small or big can (I use big can to serve 7).

Rest is super easy just simmer until it bubbles, turn heat down to thicken the sauce a bit and in about 10 minutes your dinner is ready! I use regular burger buns and just scoop the mix in. To be fancy you can add slice of cheese on top or spice yours with little bit of hot sauce. Yesterday I did french fries on the side and less than 30 minutes we were all stuffing our faces, perfect dinner for a school night!

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    • How to - Answers profile image

      L M Reid 6 years ago from Ireland

      Great idea for a quick and easy sandwich for anyone not just the kids. It looks really delicious, I am going to try making this.