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Easy Meals - Welsh Rarebit

Updated on January 18, 2013

A Rarebit of Lunch!

I've lost count of how many times I've ordered Welsh Rarebit and been served cheese on toast.  These two are quite different meals.

Welsh Rarebit is made with leeks, milk, cheese and toast.   Cheese on toast is made with, well, cheese and toast.  Spot the differences?

Cooking times for Welsh Rarebit range from ten to fifteen minutes, so if you're in a hurry and want something quick, light and tasty, give this recipe a try.


Colourful, tasty and quick to cook!
Colourful, tasty and quick to cook!
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Huge range of gifts at Spooky Cute Designs.

Ingredients to Feed One Person

  •  1/3 of a leek
  • 1/2 pint of milk
  • 2 or 3 oz of cheese
  • bread
  • pinch of salt
  • dash of pepper
  • dash of turmeric (optional)


Take half a pint of milk and add it to a saucepan with a dash of salt and pepper.  I also add some turmeric for extra colour.

Carefully clean the leek, then finely slice it and add it to the pan.  Bring this to the boil then quickly lower the temperature to the contents simmer.  You'll need to keep an eye on the pan so the contents don't start to catch or boil over.

Dice two or three ounces of cheese.  You may like to use a traditional Welsh cheese such as Caerphilly or Llanboidy, but just use whatever you already have in the fridge.

When the leek is already soft, add the cheese to the pan and cook gently until it melts.  Serve over a thick slice of wholemeal toast.

Leek simmering in milk, with a dash of tumeric for colour.
Leek simmering in milk, with a dash of tumeric for colour.
Adding the cheese.
Adding the cheese.


Add bacon!  For extra body, you could dice pre-cooked bacon and stir this into the pan along with the cheese.

Out with the toast!  Replace the toast with warm na'an bread for a more spicy version.  Welsh purists might raise an eyebrow, but there's no harm in improvisation.

Vegetarian version!  Use rice milk instead of dairy, and try Welsh vegetarian cheeses such as Teifi or Celtic Promise.

© 2010 Adele Cosgrove-Bray


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