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Easy to Make Raw Food Soups.

Updated on November 5, 2014

The practice of eating a diet consisting mainly or entirely of raw food has been increasing in popularity in recent years. A raw food diet is one that uses only raw ingredients such as fruits, vegetables, water, nuts and seeds. All food that is prepared as part of a raw diet should not have been cooked or even heated above, the generally accepted temperature of 105-115 degrees. Raw vegetarian and vegan diets are popular but it is possible to include animal based foods that are safe to be eaten raw, such as very fresh meat and fish (Sashimi).

Some people choose to eat a completely raw diet, whereas others find it better to partly incorporate raw foods into everyday life and will still receive the many health benefits associated with eating raw foods. Some possible options and combinations include: eating all raw food snacks; having two raw food meals a day and one cooked or alternate raw and cooked food days. Learning about and eating raw foods can inspire you to try new foods and combinations that you may not have considered before. You will also discover new techniques and ways to use ingredients that will make you see them in a whole new light.

Raw food is generally quick and simple to prepare and is suitable for adults and children alike. There is a wide range of books and recipes sites and blogs to choose from ensuring you can have a well-balanced and varied diet. For this hub I have collected together a selection of tasty and nutritious raw soup recipes I hope you will enjoy making and eating. Raw soups are simple to make from every day common ingredients and the only equipment you need is a blender.

Beetroot Soup
Beetroot Soup | Source

Beetroot Soup - from Raw Living by Katie Wood

2 beetroots
1 carrot
3 tomatoes
1 red chilli
2 dates
2 tbsp olive oil
1tsp tamari
250ml/8 fl oz water
1 tbsp dulse flakes
1 tsp nutritional yeast flakes
1 tbsp pine nuts

Top, tail and peel the beetroot. Chop into blender-friendly pieces. Top, tail and chop the carrot, and cut the tomato into quarters. Seed the red chilli, pit the date. Put all your prepared veg in the blender, along with the olive oil and tamari (tomatoes at the bottom to make it easy for your blender). Blend for a couple of minutes until you’re satisfied there’s no lumpy bits left. Pour into bowls and sprinkle with dulse, nutritional yeast and pine nuts.

Watermelon Soup from

I've fasted on this soup during the summer and I could actually probably live on this ... it's that good.

5 Cups Watermelon
2 Cups Mango, peeled and diced
1/4 Cup Lime Juiced
3 Tablespoons Fresh Mint, chopped
1 Tablespoon Fresh Ginger, minced
1 Tablespoon Honey or Agave (for vegans)
1/8 teaspoon Ground Cardamom

First, in a food processor, (not a Vita-Mix), place 3 1/2 cups of watermelon and 1 cup of mango and blend until smooth.

Next, dice up the remaining 1 1/2 cups of watermelon and 1 cup of mango into tiny pieces and add them to the puree. In a small separate bowl, combine the lime juice, mint, ginger, honey and cardamom. Add this to the previous mixture and stir well.

Now chill everything in the fridge and serve in a few hours.

Watermelon | Source

Raw Gazpacho Soup

Gazpacho is a tomato based soup that is traditionally served cold so perfect for converting to raw. It can be served at room temperature or chilled and sprinkled with some parsley, basil or other fresh herbs if you'd like.

5 ripe tomatoes
1/2 cucumber, chopped
1 red bell pepper
2 cloves garlic
1/4 cup water
Pinch cayenne pepper

Blend together all ingredients until smooth, garnish if desired and serve or chill for two hours. Great for a refreshing summer lunch.

Raw but Creamy Spinach Soup

1 ½ cups of water
2 cups spinach
½ avocado
1 tsp cumin
2 cloves garlic
Freshly ground salt and pepper to taste

Blend all the ingredients in a blender until smooth.

The soup can be garnished with a few spinach leaves or some sliced mushrooms if desired.

Raw Garden Soup

1 tomato
½ courgette (no need to peel)
1 cup spinach
½ cup kale
1 cup water (more if you like a thinner soup)
2 spring onions
½ avocado

1. Blend all the ingredients in a blender until smooth.

2. If you prefer a thinner soup add more water as desired.

Fresh carrots
Fresh carrots | Source

Creating Your Own Raw Soups

Raw soups can be created from a huge range of ingredients including vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, raw cheese and seaweeds. Experiment with recreating your favourite non raw soups or invent some completely new ones. Here are some tips and ideas to get you started off.

Raw vegetables make a great soup base. Leafy greens like kale, spinach or Swiss chard. Courgettes, cucumber, asparagus, peppers, broccoli, carrots, peas and beetroot also work well. Chose vegetables for their taste, for health benefits or for colours.

Raw onions and garlic add lots of flavour and both have great health benefits including anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

Adding fresh herbs will enhance your soups flavour and can herbs also have many beneficial and medicinal properties. Try basil with tomatoes, broccoli with paprika, garlic and chives or mint with peas.

Avocados can be added to soups to create a creamy consistency. Avocados are good for eye and heart health as well as stroke prevention.

Salt and pepper - Avoid table salt and peppers as they are heavily processed and instead opt for sea salt and crushed black peppercorns. Alternatively you can buy coarse sea salt and peppercorns and grind them as you need them in hand grinders.

Add liquid such water or raw coconut and nut milks to achieve your desired consistency.

Chop vegetables small to make it easier for your blender to liquidise them.

Taste your soup as you make it and add more of an ingredient if needed.

Soups can be kept for a few days covered in a refrigerator.

© 2013 Claire


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