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Easy Smoked Chicken Breasts

Updated on November 13, 2011

Tender, juicy, smoked chicken breasts... A favorite of mine and with a little patience you'll have your family and friends raving over your perfect smoky creation too.

I've had my Camp Chef Smoke Vault for over a year now. It is constructed very well and I've yet to have any problems with it. This time around I thought I'd share an easy guide to making perfect smoked chicken breasts.

Before we move on to the how-to section, Enjoy the quick video of my Camp Chef Smoke Vault in action. I just put the chicken breasts in. Man look at the Smoke Vault starting to work its magic.

First, grab some boneless skinless chicken breasts from your local butcher or grocery. Pay close attention to the fine print on the package. Avoid brands that add water... some add as much as 30% water to the breasts. To me that is complete rip-off. Think about it, 30% of what you are paying for is water. I can't believe they get away with that. Anyway...

Once you've selected your chicken breasts, it's time to prepare them. Place them on a cutting board and pound them down with a meat tenderizer to about a 1/2-inch thickness.

Now season them however you'd like. This time I dusted them with lemon-pepper seasoning, some garlic powder, and some butter flavored powder.

For this guide, I prepared about 6-lbs of breasts. This is just the right amount to fill two racks in the 24" Smoke Vault.

Smoking time... Add your favorite wood chips. This time around I used a mixture of hickory and mesquite. Start your fire and wait for the chips to begin to smoke. You can use a water pan if your smoker has one. When smoking chicken breasts, I always use one. It helps in keeping the meat moist.

Once you have good smoke, go ahead and add your chicken breasts to the rack(s). Keep the door open a few more minutes until the smoke really gets going. Close the door and bring the temperature up to 250°f (121°c). Hold there for 45-minutes. (adjust your smoking time accordingly...I consider the breasts done when the internal meat temperature reaches 170°f / 77°c)

Taking a peek at what is going on in the smoker at about 15-minutes into it.

Almost done. This is at about 30-minutes into the smoke. One can nearly smell it through the computer screen. Look at the juices forming on top. Man, this is going to be some good stuff!

45-minutes later... perfection. I carefully removed the smoked breasts from the racks with my Cuisinart bbq tongs and brought them into the kitchen to cool a bit. Yum! Look at how the smoke perfectly darkened the outside of the meat.

Now it is time to slice and enjoy. I almost had a hard time slicing them. It was so tender, it just fell apart. The lemon-pepper, garlic, and butter flavor perfectly met the hickory-mesquite flavor in my mouth. Good stuff!!


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