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Easy To Make Snacks That Require No Cooking

Updated on June 4, 2013
Green Mangoes
Green Mangoes | Source

Ever felt hungry but didn't feel like spending half an hour to make a simple snack? Here are some easy to make home recipes that require minimal or no cooking at all. Some of these recipes have been in use for several decades in South-East Asia. These local cuisines have delighted people of all ages and cultures over the years.

Cast your vote for Salted Green Mango


  • 1 Green Mango
  • Salt
  • Chilly Powder


  1. Take a green mango and cut it into thin slices.
  2. Now mix salt and chilly powder in a bowl and sprinkle on top of the mango slices.
  3. Lemon juice may also be added.

#2 Lemon Salted Carrots


  • Carrots
  • Lemon
  • Salt


  1. Slice 3 carrots into thin round slices.
  2. Take one lemon and squeeze the juice onto the sliced carrots.
  3. Add required amount of salt to it and mix the contents.
  4. Add a green chilly if you like.

Banana Chips
Banana Chips | Source

#3 Banana Chip Chaat


  • Banana chips
  • Onion
  • Tomato Ketchup
  • Salt


  1. Crush the banana chips into small pieces.
  2. Chop one small onion into thin cubes.
  3. Mix the chopped onion and banana chips along with salt and tomato ketchup.
  4. Tomatoes and celery may also be added.

#4 Cocoa Slop


  • Milk
  • Sugar
  • Cocoa powder
  • Bread


  1. Boil the milk and add cocoa powder to it.
  2. Remove the crust from the bread (leave the crusts on if you like) and cut the bread into small cubes.
  3. Add the bread cubes to the cocoa milk and add sugar if required.

#5 Coconut And Jaggery


  • Jaggery (shredded)
  • Coconut


  1. Slice the coconut into thin strips.
  2. Dip the coconut strips into the shredded jaggery.

Stick the jaggery to the coconut and eat.


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