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Easy Workday Lunch Solutions: Hormel Compleats

Updated on June 29, 2008

Are you often too busy to enjoy a relaxed lunch during the work week? More and more Americans eat lunch at their desks several times each week. If you don't plan ahead, it can become all too easy to find yourself depending on chips and cakes from the office vending machine, simply because you don't have access to healthier food choices that fit in with your busy schedule.

If you know that you're not always gong to have time to fit a true lunch break into your schedule, doesn't it make sense to make sure that you have access to healthy foods that you can enjoy at your desk? After all, if you get stuck eating stuff from the snack machine, you'll end up eating more empty calories, and you'll probably end up hungry again before the end of the day.

When you have a Hormel Compleat entrée for lunch, you will likely have more energy and feel full much longer than if you dine on chips and cookies, or something else from the snack machine that isn't likely to be particularly filling no matter how many calories it might have.

Convenience of Hormel Compleats

The next time you're in the supermarket, consider picking up a few Hormel Compleats entrees. You'll find them in the prepared canned foods sectionof your favorite grocery stores. These tasty entrees require no refrigeration, so it's easy to store them in your office for any day that you might find yourself in need of a lunch that you can enjoy at your desk. These delicious entrees heat in less than two minutes and provide a balanced meal that includes flavorful meats and vegetables, for you can to no matter how busy you are at work.

Flavor Varieties

No matter what types of meals you enjoy, there's a good chance that you'll find several of the Hormel Compleats entrees to be very appealing. Flavor varieties include:

  • Beef Steak & Peppers
  • Chicken Marinara
  • Homestyle Beef
  • Roasted Turkey and Vegetables
  • Santa Fe Style Chicken
  • Sesame Chicken

Hormel Compleats Nutritional Facts

When you heat up a Hormel Compleat for lunch, you'll enjoy a balanced meal that won't wreak havoc on your waste line. Each of the different flavors has 320 calories or less, which certainly beats any lunch you might put together our of your office vending machine. Further, each variety of Hormel Compleats includes 22 grams of protein and has less than 600 mg of sodium, fewer than 10 grams of fat and no trans fat.


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