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Easy Greek Mediterranean dishes....mezethes for your party

Updated on July 5, 2013

What to serve?

Healthy recipes

Are you having a party, or maybe a small gathering of people at your home? Are you wondering what you should serve your guests without spending all day in the kitchen? Do you want to find the perfect meal that will satisfy every picky eater that is invited and make it a successful gathering? Well, how about serving mezethes?

Mezethes are easy dishes that anyone can make. They are a great addition to a gathering and will not take a long time to make. Do you have a few minutes to spare? If so, these are the recipes for you. All you need is a little time to make the mezethes and soon you will spending more time enjoying the gathering of friends and family.

What are mezethes?

Recipes that are easy

During the ancient times in Greece, friends and family would gather together to enjoy each other. To enjoy life and good people, over some ouzo, Greece's traditional drink. However, drinking on an empty stomach is never a good option. Plus, it was rude not to offer the guests something to eat. That is where mezethes were created. So the complement of a little food to eat became a tradition for every gathering. Today, this is a common addition for a gathering, whether or not alcohol is served. All that is required is good company and plenty of good food.

Mezethes are similar to the concept of Spain’s tapas, or finger foods, which are mini dishes of different flavors and an assortment of different types of foods. Translated as "many little dishes", mezethes give guests a little taste of different dishes while socializing with other guests. The purpose of mezethes is to share and begin conversations with new people.

Many mistaken the term mezethes for appetizers. This is not true. Appetizers are served before a meal, intended to create an appetite for the main course. Mezethes, on the other hand, are served with drinks, intended to share with everyone at the table. Mezethes are small dishes of different foods that are meant to compliment the drinks of each guest. Most mezethes are salty or fried and enhance the taste of the alcoholic drinks of the guest.

Many Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cultures use mezethes as a way to bring guests together and make each person feel comfortable and bring guest closer together. These are the perfect complements to any gathering. Coupled with good conversation and plenty of drinks and good people, mezethes could be the staple to a successful gathering. Unlike appetizers that are intended to satisfy your hunger before a meal, mezethes are tiny little dishes that can be the main meal served for the guests.

How are they served?

Mezethes usually consists of four or five different dishes that are served together for guests to share with each other. The dishes allow guests to sample each dish, giving everyone a dish that they will love. Even the pickiest of eaters will find a dish that they will enjoy, which makes mezethes a crowd pleaser and the host will receive praises for the great success.
Mezethes can be vegetarian dishes, made with meat or fish. They can be simple or complicated, grilled or deep fried, cooked or uncooked dishes, take a lot of preparation, or be a simple dish to make. Even if time is limited, mezethes can be prepared quickly with little preparation before a gathering.

The most appealing part of making mezethes for a party is the quick preparation of the food. Most mezethes are easy to make and can quickly be prepared right before, or even when the guests start to arrive. Mezethes are intended to be quickly made so the host of the party can enjoy the party as well. Most gatherings do not allow the host of the party to actually attend their own party, because they are spending the time preparing the food. Mezethes allows the host of the party to spend less time away from the guests and more time hosting their party. Opa!

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