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Eat Nuts, Be Healthy

Updated on November 22, 2013

This new report confirms what many have thought about nuts, any kinds of nuts. It is a 30 year study from Harvard stating that if you eat nuts you are less likely to die of cancer or heart disease.

The study tracked 119,000 men and women who ate nuts daily. Those who did reduced their risk of dying by 20%. Further, the dying from heart disease fell by 30% and dying of cancer by 11%.To reduce the risk, you must eat any kinds of nuts on a daily basis.

The most amazing revelation from the study is that people who nuts daily stayed slimmer. The goes against all logical thought. When you read the nutritional facts from the label, peanuts, for example, a 28g serving has 160 calories, 12g of fat, carbohydrates come to 8g and protein is 6g.

This small serving, amounting to three tablespoons, yields those values. How many of us eat nuts by the handfuls? Quickly, one can see how the calories and fat accumulate. Most thing that the more you eat nut, the more weight or fatter you become, not true!

Researchers still do not fully understand why nuts are healthy. They suspect their unsaturated fatty acids, minerals lower cholesterol. Eating nuts also lower risks of diabetes, colon cancer and other diseases. They do not understand why nuts are good for you or which nuts to eat, or which are better. So, their advice is to eat mixed nuts to cover all benefits. Still, you should do so in moderation because while they are healthy for you and fill you up, hence, reduce the eating urge, hence stay slimmer, they do have a lot of calories and fat for small amounts.


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