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EatSmart Precision Pro Scale

Updated on May 17, 2012

When you are an avid chef as I am it is crucial to get all your weights and measures just perfect for every recipe. When you are, making all kinds of different sweets, meats, and other dishes it is essential to have just the right amount. Too little of something or too much of an ingredient will cause the whole recipe to come up with a entirely different taste.

So, when I’m in the kitchen I rely on the Escali Primo Digital Multifunctional Scale to get my recipe measurements just right. The main reason I chose this scale over the less expensive one is that the EatSmart Precision Pro Scale prevents food from getting caught around the cracks. This was important to not only the lifelong use of the scale, but also the accuracy of the scale. If, you decide to choose the other scale one way to protect it from crumbs or other debris falling between the buttons is to place it in a clear zip lock bag. This will keep it clean and functional for an exceedingly long time. The first EatSmart Precision Pro Scale I owned I still use at my business.

The EatSmart Precision Pro Scale is significant because it has many more features than my previous one. For one, it has the ability, to switch back and forth between different modes. By modes, I mean ounces, pounds, grams, and kilograms. Which makes the EatSmart Precision Pro Scale remarkably efficient, to calculate recipes from many different nationalities that require different measurements. It also remembers the last unit of measurement that you used so there is no switching back and forth as you go

It is even easy to use with regular separating of meats and chicken. When I buy a pound of meat from the grocery store it is much easier to break it into thirds of exact weight using the scale, then trying to guess. Most of the time, I even had a calculator in my kitchen, so I could measure the portions from ounces to pound’s to decimals but with the EatSmart Precision Pro Scale it does it all for me without a problem. Sure I might lose a few math skills by not practicing, but my proportions are dead on.

For Example:

(0.33 lbs/portion) * (16 ounces/lb) = 5.333 ounces/portion ---> Possible to do without a calculator, but not ideal.

The EatSmart Precision Pro Scale also makes it extremely easy to use by not having to zero out the measurements every time you add a new part of a recipe. If, you want to use the Tare button it is still there for you to use, but why push another button if it already does it for you.

I was also extremely impressed with the quality of workmanship that the EatSmart Precision Pro Scale has. It is not flimsy or plastic and can take a lot of punishment. But, I try to care for my appliances as any appreciable chef does. But, if it falls of the table like mine has it still comes back again and again. So, if you are looking for the perfect weight scale for your kitchen for cooking, food portions, or diet then this is the one you need.


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