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Eating Habbits of Little Ones

Updated on September 30, 2011

As all you parents might already know sometimes its not easy to feed your little ones. Kids seem to be more attracted to junk food ,and candies, and goodies. This is where your creativity as a parent has to come in. Try to trick your children. If your child doesn't seem to be a fan of veggies; hey that's fine. Take does same veggies they didnt want to eat and mix them into a meal. Or even try to make snak time a fun time for them. For example; decorate their plates with their food, such as creating a smiley face or a animal of some sort. Try to make eating time for them an adventure instead of a obligation. Remove the sweets from your childs diet, and substitude it with a healthy sweeter snack. For example; if your child would like a piece of candy; substitute that piece of candy for a delicious gronola bar or even a apple , or fruit of some sort.

Having children actually sit down with you for a meal may be a challange. When you sit down with your child try to conversate with them ; ask them if they had a good day. Make sure your child knows he or she has to eat their meal. Let them know how strong they can become by eating their foods.Trust me I know how kids admire their super heroes, fairies, and princesses. Let your child know that by eating their meals and veggies they can become very powerful. And this isn't advice to make your child's imagination any bigger. It's the truth. By eating their foods and having healthy meals and snacks they do become stronger and healthier. Either way their is going to come a day when your child realizes the diffrence between real and fantasy. Like i said before make eating time an adventure for your little ones not an obligation. Trust me they will have less on there plates than what they did before.


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    • jessybnl01 profile image

      jessybnl01 5 years ago

      thank u so much ..

    • Just Ask Susan profile image

      Susan Zutautas 6 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      I remember when my children were young I would make them grill cheese sandwiches cut into shapes of animals. They just loved it when I would get creative with their food. Welcome to HubPages.