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Eating Organic and Natural Foods

Updated on October 19, 2012

Organic Recipe

Sauteed Mushrooms & Spinach over Angel Hair Pasta
Sauteed Mushrooms & Spinach over Angel Hair Pasta | Source

Eating Organic and Natural Foods

From herbs to spices and peaches and pears there are many things that comes to eating organic and or natural Then we have gluten-free, I don't know about you it makes me wonder were all the foods we eat come from.

Most people say the natural and organic foods we eat come from our local farmers because they don't have to add any type of chemicals to preserve the product and your local farmers markets take care to also produce organic and natural foods.

Now I grew up eating very few organic or natural foods everything I use to eat was processed, or a by-product and I seem to be OK as we get older we all we have ailments so are they because of what we eat or how we eat the main question is Organic, Natural or Gluten-Free, better for you dose processed food not healthy you decide then give me your comments.

One thing I do know in the world of foods is that I like to share great tasting and even healthy recipes and today I'm going to go organic with a tasty pasta recipe that is really great tasting but I want you to decide so here we go

''Sauteed Mushrooms & Spinach Over Angel Hair Pasta''


1 pound of your favorite pasta cooked,(I used angel hair pasta)

2 cloves of organic garlic, (minced)

A pinch of all natural sea salt and black pepper

3 tablespoons of organic butter, (unsalted)

3 tablespoons of pure natural olive oil

1/2 cup of organic Parmesan cheese,(shredded)

5 ounces of organic mushroom's, (sliced)

5 cups of fresh organic spinach, (washed and drained)


Pre-heat sauteed pan over medium heat, Add your butter, garlic and cook for 30 seconds after 30 seconds add your mushrooms cook for 2 more minutes the add your spinach, a pinch of sea salt and pepper then cover with a lid then let cook until the spinach are wilted

When the spinach is wilted add your cooked pasta drizzle with olive oil and top with the shredded Parmesan cheese.......Serve and enjoy

Whether you prefer organic, natural or gluten-free or just happy eating the things you have been eating all your life I do know we all need to watch how we eat ......Meaning eat to live not live to eat ....I hope you enjoy the recipe happy eating.


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