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Eating Raw Green Foods From a Junk Food Addicts Perspective

Updated on August 11, 2014

Romaine Lettuce is Actually Tasty in a Smoothie

romaine lettuce adds protein to a smoothie
romaine lettuce adds protein to a smoothie

When Weight Causes Health Problems

I am not just a person who doesn't eat very well. I do not diet. Ever. Despite being overweight for the past 15 years, I never tried dieting because I didn't want to start the yo-yo effect and my overall health was good. I tried not eating sugar for a few months on about five different occasions, but that was the extent of my dieting over the past 15 years. Pretty lame now that I look back at an adulthood of weighing well over 200 pounds and a slow and steady increase of weight over the years.

Slapped in the Face with Weight Related Illness

I didn't believe that weight was having an effect on my overall health. I love to eat pizza, buttered popcorn and soda. I stopped being able to exercise much because of continual soreness. I haven't changed my eating habits since I was a college athlete, despite no longer moving my buns off the chair.

I thought weight might have something (but only a little something) to do with my soreness and fatigue. My mind was deep in denial. I've been to a rheumatologist, sleep specialist, general practicioner and have appointments set up with an allergist. Since early November 2010 I have been diagnosed with sleep apnea, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue.

Problems from Sleep Apnea and the Snowball Effect

When sleep apnea is suspected, weight loss is the first means of trying to stop it. Weight is a significant factor with sleep apnea and you can reverse apnea by diet alone, as long as you lose enough weight for the obstructive apnea to stop.

When apnea is diagnosed, other issues may already be present such as chronic fatigue, pain, stiffness and unexplained illness that leaves you feeling weak and tired.

Dieting is a life long journey, and the better nutrition we put in our bodies, the better we feel.

Signs of Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea signs and symptoms
Sleep Apnea signs and symptoms | Source

Sleep Anea and How it Effects Your Health

Sleep apnea in the mildest forms may not cause significant problems, but sleep apnea can quickly get worse. Sleep apnea health related conditions include:

High Blood Pressure

Heart Disease

Weight Gain

Acid Reflux

Type II Diabetes


Sleep apnea is not a benign condition. Over time, sleep apnea causes health problems that could be reversed by losing weight and maintaining a healthy diet.

Healthy Weight

Do you believe your weight negatively effects your health?

See results

Raw Food Doesn't Have to Taste Terrible

 As I've mentioned, I love junk food.   Empty calories have filled my belly for many years and helped me get to the 265 pounds I am today.  I don't feel like a 265 pound woman, but I'm sure that I look like one.  For six weeks now I have been eating a diet mainly of raw foods with some cooked food mixed in for fun.

I have actually found that romaine lettuce tastes good in a smoothie.  Although it sounds terrible, romaine lettuce gives a fruit smoothie a fresh taste and some added complete protein to boot.

I have been playing around with a recipe for healthy, green smoothies since I started eating better.  So far my best smoothie recipe has been:

2 cups water

1 head of romaine lettuce.

Blend until smooth

add 1/2 cup plain yogurt, 5 frozen strawberries, 5 chunks frozen mango and about 1/2 cup of frozen pineapple. 

Blend again until smooth.

I calculated the total calories to be between 250-300.  This is a nutrient dense, filling shake that actually tastes good. 

You have to keep in mind that I can't stand eating healthy and would prefer a McDonald's milkshake, some fries or a sesame seed bagel with cream cheese, yet I am satisfied with this smoothie.

Other Food Issues to Consider

In order to lose weight, you have to eat healthy food. While this is a simple concept, the amount of diets out there make it clear that the answers to weight loss are many.

Think about foods that you need to remove from your diet, and also consider foods that are hard for you to digest. Chances are you have had problems with food that you love, but later leaves you feeling a bit sick.

Eat small meals, but eat throughout the day. Stay away from fast food (if you can) and start by making healthier choices. You can start simply by eating the same foods but eating less. Then begin adding in small amounts of healthy food in between the junk food you still love.

Eventually you will enjoy fruits, vegetables and whole grains more than you thought you did.

Take your time. You didn't gain weight and poor health overnight, you won't lose it overnight either.


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