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Eating The Right Kinds of Food to Improve or Increase Your Height

Updated on March 5, 2015

Most of us would like to improve our height. Someone who is in his growing stage can do a lot of things to boost their growth. For those who are beyond these years, increasing your height is still possible. There are a lot of things you can do to achieve this and one of them is eating the right kinds of food to increase the height. But take note that genetics is still crucial on how tall you can be. Listed below are food items you can take to tap your growth hormones to work.

Role of genetics and diet to increase height

Genetics play an important role in your height. You can’t really expect to be tall when your parents are not. Except for a few people who miraculously do not belong to this category; but generally, your genes determine how tall you will be. Somewhere in those chromosomes you inherit from your parents are the key. While there is no science yet to tweak these and improve your height, then you have to expect that you could be as tall as your parents when your bones have matured.

Growth, on the other hand, is determined by your diet. To reach your full growth potential, you need to eat a balanced meal every day. We all know what this balanced meal is: following the food pyramid; we get a meal rich in fruits and vegetables, carbohydrates, moderate protein and fat, less sugar. What food, then, should be consumed to obtain optimal growth potential?

Increasing your height usually starts with eating the right kinds of food.
Increasing your height usually starts with eating the right kinds of food.

Increase Height after Puberty

Is it really possible to grow taller even after puberty? Research shows that there are ways to improve height even after 18 or 21. Find out how you can help extend a few inches of your height by following some routines.

Fruits and vegetables

The body needs many nutrients for proper growth; and fruits and vegetables can provide you with these. The good thing about this food group is that they are very healthy, even if you have to consume heaps and heaps of them; they are well-balanced. Fruits and vegetables are rich in fiber to aid in digestion, and contain a variety of vitamins and minerals to aid in the development of your bones. Vitamin A helps in the development of the bones and soft tissues. Food items rich in vitamin A are carrots, broccoli, spinach, and apricots. The synthetic vitamin A is not as effective as the ones in the fruits and vegetables, and they are toxic when taken for long. There is still a number of nutrients that these food groups can offer; all of them helpful in your desire to obtain proper growth. HEALTH WATCH: Try organic to minimize exposure to harmful chemicals from pesticides and fertilizers.

Grains and starches

They provide calories to help you cope up with your growth spurt, especially to kids. These food items include whole wheat bread, brown rice, and popcorn. They are also rich in fiber for better digestion. Fiber also works to control your cholesterol levels. Root crops are also rich in starch; you can always find them at the produce section in your grocery store. ADVISE: Wash root crops thoroughly and cook (steam) them with their skin on. The skin is packed with minerals, especially iron.

Protein-rich foods

One of the benefits of protein for growth is that it provides you ample supply of zinc. Low zinc levels in your body can lead to growth retardation. Most experts recommend meat from poultry as it is packed with protein and contains less fat; you can just do away with the skin to avoid taking in cholesterol. Beef and pork is still a good choice but you can never have too much of them or you’ll see your cholesterol levels shoot up. You can also try protein from vegetables such as soya; tofu is one fine example of soy protein. You can replace meat in your food with tofu; serves the same purpose yet still guilt-free. A soya milk drink is also a good choice.

Dairy Food

We all know that dairy food groups such as milk and cheese contain high levels of calcium. This mineral is important for bone growth. This is responsible to strengthen our bones. However, calcium outside the bones is useless, and even a health-risk; this mineral must be absorbed from the bloodstream in to the bones. That’s the role of vitamin D. Dairy food is rich in vitamin D for maximum absorption of calcium. Additionally, take advantage of the sun while it’s still there. Go outside early in the morning to get a dose of sunshine. Sunshine aids your body in producing vitamin D. WARNING: There are people who are short because they have a vitamin D deficiency; supplementing with vitamin D could help prevent this disorder.

You see, there is hope when you want to improve or increase your height. Try to make the list above a guide on your way to a healthy lifestyle. In no time, you will definitely see some changes with your height.


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      4 years ago

      i had so shorter in 4.2 height and my age is seventeen years . i tried for growing height in powder mix with water and i did yoga and exercise i do so much which i had known.but i can't grown height. so please help what can i do for growing height .


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