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Eating Nutritious Food Is a Daily Choice!

Updated on September 22, 2017
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Sheila is a kids' author who learned heaps as a wellness coordinator. She loves to share healthy tidbits with her readers.

Foods That'll Maximize Your Energy!

Organic pasture-raised eggs, extra virgin coconut oil, coconut milk, coconut water, pasteurized organic cow milk and goat milk, yogurt, kefir, wild rice, brown rice, milled flax seeds, avocados, green leafy vegetables such as organic spinach, and kale; colorful fruits in particular berries, pineapples, apples and tomatoes. Can you think of the Whole Foods you enjoy eating on a daily basis?

How to Eat Better?

  • It's best to eat as close to nature as possible with minimal cooking, in order to maintain a constant energy level throughout your day. Making health-food choices is not a chore, you just need to use your smarts, and read food labels. Choosing healthy food is an option for vibrant living. Eating healthy foods will stabilize your energy and cause you to be at a healthy weight for your body type. This can last your entire life!

Remember, to stay hydrated with jolly old filtered water, and not sugary fruit juices or sodas. You'll often feel hungry when your brain is merely craving water, and when your cells are nutritionally starved.

Meal Tips for More Energy

  • Blending and juicing vegetables or fruits in a blender with filtered water is easy and saves heaps of time, in lieu of spending an hour or more preparing a loaded meal consisting of fried meat, French fries with ketchup, white rice, boiled vegetables, and a high-calorie dessert.

I like the tasty flavor by adding extra virgin olive oil to a blended salad drink recipe with Celtic sea salt, and a tablespoon of organic apple cider vinegar. To make a salad, drink all you do is add about one and a half cups of water to a blender with a mixture of your favorite fresh or frozen vegetables, like collard greens, onions, romaine lettuce, green peas and organic salt, then mix in a high-speed blender for about one minute, Voila, your salad drink is ready to serve with your favorite lean protein and a whole grain side dish.

I also enjoy eating two distinctive raw, organic eggs with Celtic sea salt, organic cayenne pepper, with a hint of fresh lemon juice twice a week. I hope you find this tasty too! An egg is one of the best quality proteins you can eat. It's a superfood!

If You Need to Lose Weight, You Can Try This Trick!

If you're set on losing a few pounds, eat the combination of the following food groups to maximize your digestion, and to reduce an added accumulation of fat in your tissues.

When eating any type of meat protein (seafood, beef, poultry or game) combine the meat with raw or lightly steamed vegetables, and do not include any sort of carbohydrate in your meal.

When eating any type of complex carbohydrate (brown rice, beans, quinoa, organic potatoes, root vegetables or whole-grain bread, etc.,) combine the whole grain with raw or lightly steamed vegetables, and do not include any sort of meat protein in your meal.

Drinking and mixing two tablespoons of organic raw apple cider vinegar with 1/4 cup of filtered water, while eating will help to digest your food faster, and help with your weight loss plan.

Combine your foods this way for a short period of time, until you have lost the weight you want. Then follow a healthy-food plan for continued healthy weight maintenance.

Foods That'll Rob Your Energy!

  • All sodas, all artificial sweeteners, foods made with white flour, all foods containing high fructose corn syrup, fried foods like potato chips, soy milk, homogenized and pasteurized cows' milk.
  • The reason these foods steal your energy is that they're deprived of natural enzymes and low in nutrients. Natural enzymes are catalysts! Enzymes help your body digests your food and eliminates your body’s waste products. This natural process always stabilizes your biological body chemistry and gives you tremendous energy, so you can do the things you love to do.

    I hope you now understand what type of foods will make you feel more energetic, and decide not to eat terrible, low nutritious foods that can make you ill?

Eating Healthy Is a Daily Choice!

Shop Farmers Markets for  the freshest food!
Shop Farmers Markets for the freshest food! | Source

There may be times when you will not find specific natural organic foods like pasteurized goat milk from the Meyenberg family farm, or fresh coconut milk by Turtle Mountain simply, because, your grocer doesn't supply it, or it's just not available for a short season.

You will need to get the powdered organic substitutes. The Meyenberg Goat Milk Powder and Coconut Milk Powder are close to the fresh originals in terms of taste and texture. Both powdered kinds of milk are shown below and sold through Amazon.

© 2010 Sheila Craan


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  • Craan profile image

    Sheila Craan 5 years ago from Florida

    That's fabulous Healthylife2! The biggest hurdle is to actually put the ingredients in a blender. Drinking green smoothies every day really does improve one's health.

  • healthylife2 profile image

    Healthy Life 5 years ago from Connecticut, USA

    Great advice! I try to add a green smoothie every day and I believe it not only gives me more energy but helps me sleep better. I always think of excuses not to bother but the reality is that it is quick.