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Eating to decrease ones cancer risk: how?

Updated on August 6, 2015

What you eat and how it's prepared is critical for health

Most of the time we manage to "get away with" eating anything. Our bodies are created in such a way that we have these amazing systems that are able to compensate for extreme abuse to our living cells, tissues, and organs. It is a miracle that most humans can expect to live beyond the age of 70 years.

Have said what I have did in the paragraph above, it is sad that too many people will die of cancer before they reach the age of 70 years. I have not forgotten that cardiovascular disease will kill more people that cancer, globally. I have not forgotten that it is estimated that 90% of cardiovascular disease caused deaths can be prevented. I simply find it a bit overwhelming to write a concise, that is short, article on both cancer and cardiovascular disease.

However, it is interesting to know that a adequate, wholesome diet plan will decrease one's risk for both cancer and cardiovascular disease.

The pathophysiology of cancer is very different from the that of cardiovascular disease, so how one looks and thinks about the cause of cancer and how to deal with it uniquely specific for cancer. I have spent a lifetime, it seems, focusing on the human immune system and how to make it stronger, and this is critical, that is, maintaining a strong immune system, to any hope that we have for living with, or preventing, cancer.

It is common knowledge that the immune system takes center-stage in any attempt to prevent or control cancer. The question one must ask is, "What can we do to increase the power of our immune system?"

The foods that we eat play a significant role in our battle against cancer, and in plan for preventing cancer and staying healthy.

Food is not the only critical factor in this battle against cancer, however.

Other critical factors include:

getting enough rest, or sleep, and

attempting to control our exposure to stress.

Too much stress can kill you!

Getting back to "eating to help deal with cancer," I will write another article (that is, another hub) called "Eating at Dr. Haddox's Table." In this discourse I will try to deal, effectively, with more details on how I will attempt to help people eat to help deal with cancer.

I have come to the conclusion that it is not good enough for me to just grow the foods, or collect the foods from Nature and then sell the food stuffs to my customers. During the 18 months of research that I did at Mamushi Nature Farm to learn the things that I learned about eating to prevent or to help control cancer, I learned that the foods had to be prepared (or cooked) a certain way. In other words, there is a methodology for preparing, that is, for cooking the foods, to maintain the power of the foods until one can eat the foods. I am happy to report that I made some inroads into a method of doing this.

I have come to the conclusion that I will have to prepare foods at my farm that are procured from plants and animals that are grown on my own farm. This way, I can control for the variables, such as heat, water, length of time cooked, etc., etc. I have spent time, not just the 18 months of research here at the farm that I have completed recently, but decades of education, medical practice, research, that have resulted in me being the person who I am. A person who has, potentially, the means within my being, to make a dent into a very significant, human problem, cancer, that affects so many of our lives.

This is the hope that I approach my Kitchen in Nature with.


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    • Dr. Haddox profile image

      Dr Freddie Haddox 2 years ago from a Franklin, Tennessee native, who travels globally.

      Eating right heals!